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Inlaws pathetically trying to cause more drama

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The latest on the inlaws and their never ending quest to promote the worship of SD. 

SIL, who pretends her nephews dont exist, posted another flowery post about how wonderful SD is and pictures of her spending the night at her house. There was another kid there too (her BFs daughter) but the post is only about SD.

MIL quickly cycled through profile pictures of the other grandkids (or at least half of them) so that she could land on SD and keep it there.

FILs cover photo is only of SD.

Wtf is wrong with these people?


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I'm assuming these posts are via Facebook. There is nothing saying who we have to have on social media pages. If these people are bringing you heartache, then delete and block. Your in-laws have enough access to cause don't have to have them on your social media pages. 

After the past 6 months, I was fed up with FB and what was coming through my feed. I deleted over 200 people, including family from my side and DH's side. Life gives me enough drama that I really can't control. I CAN control Facebook. So, my suggestion is that.....remove that drama by cleaning up FB.

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I actually just deleted my Facebook altogether for the time being. It's a time suck anyway.

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I deleted my FB for a few months. I recently reinstated it to keep in touch with my relatives (esp the older ones), because they are so far away. All of DH's family are hidden (so I don't see them on my feed) and SSs are on restricted view, so they don't see anything I post. BM's multiple accounts, her DH's multiple accounts, and her family are all blocked.

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I have not 'had' facebook for years. Even then, I had my info and friends small and tight. 

You ask what is wrong with these people....LOTS of thing's. Try to see them for what they are and laugh your rear off---OR

Until you can do that stay clear of looking.


Trust me you will feel so much better when you EXPECT this other than get mad or hurt because of it.  


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My SO's brother is like that too. Has a pic of SS10 as his profile pic, and he and his wife are really close with the BM, like doing Christmas together and stuff. They are always babysitting this SS, but only on BM's time. I didn't let it bother me but i also always kept them at a distance. I never trusted that they were "for" my relationship with SO. If SO would be like "hey, let's invite my brother and his wife over!", i would not be enthused. Plus, any time we would all hang out, the 3 of them spoke their language (also BM's language) so i was always left out. No thanks. I get that they are all from the same country, including BM, so they have that in common, but still. Interestingly, my SO's BM of his first 2 wasn't from there, and when they split up, nobody in the family ever spoke to her again. 

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Do they have their own kids? I just think its so weird to pick just one and promote them like that. I mean, SIL hasn't even posted that much about her own kids.

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SO's brother has 4 kids with 2 BMs, and all of the kids have emotional problems and their relationship with their father is a disaster. His wife has no kids, so i sort of get why she would want to keep him. But, it's not her promoting all the togetherness with SS and BM, it's SO's brother. And he's just as enthusiastic about BM as he is about SS. Weird. 

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Chef's only full brother (his parents both had two marriages and Chef was surrounded by steps and half siblings growing up) took the Girhippo's side in the divorce and has been shunning Chef ever since (16 yrs ago)

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Same here. BIL is always making plans with BM to see SSs, but when DH tries to make plans with him (either with SSs or without), he is always "busy" or "not feeling well" or just doesn't respond. 

My family and friends also took an immediate dislike to BIL at our wedding because they thought he was making fun of DH in his best man speech (he probably was) and because his wife (Silent SIL) didn't talk to anyone except for BIL and SSs (she didn't even say a word to me, the bride). The only memory MIL ever comments on from my wedding was how much fun Silent SS and overly dramatic SS had dancing with one another (overly dramatic SS danced with everyone, even my mom).

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My in laws are the same even though there are other cousins they see a lot more. MIL has a profile pic of DH and SD from before we met. She has 2 other kids and 4 grandkids. She constantly posts old pictures of SD, it's kind of weird. I don't recall her ever posting pics of her other grandkids. My FIL puts up pictures of everyone except SD because SD is very standoffish with MIL and FIL and he is not about it. 

My SIL shares streaming services with us and her passwords are always SDs name. She even got a tattoo of SDs name. 

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DH and I just had a baby and all in-laws can do is make comments about her in relation to SSs. For example, we post pictures of her and the one that gets all the comments and likes is the one where SS is holding her. You can't even see her face in the photo. We've also gotten about five "little sister" outfits for her. I suppose I should be happy that SSs  are excited about her, but can't she just exist on her own and not solely in relation to SSs?

Also, MIL and BIL have both made a point of telling DH, while SSs are within earshot - "since you won't have time because you have a baby, I will do X/y/z with SSs..."

Finally, MIL rearranged all the ornaments on my tree so that the ones she gave with pictures of SSs were front and center. She even moved a picture of me and hung it up on the tree so it was facing inwards. The kicker, SSs hung all the ornaments up on the tree, not me! She also moved a grainy, unframed photo of SIL in front of a photo of me and my grandparents.MIL did this when she invited herself over to our house on Christmas Day, even though she had seen SSs and DH the night before because she had to "make Christmas fun" for SSs and host a gathering and even though I made it clear that I was isolating this Christmas to reduce my exposure (my baby and I skipped her gathering the night before). I should add that we're in a covid hotspot right now (positivity rate is currently 35% where I live), so not the smartest idea to gather and out of household gatherings were "prohibited" by the governor, but MIL and BIL are immune in their own minds...or believe that relatives can't give you covid...

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Omg I hate the comparisons. My FIL does that and he has to reach for the most ridiculous things to make a comparison (they both have stinky diapers, not kidding). Just because they weren't first doesn't mean they can't stand on their own and be celebrated as themselves individually.

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I hate the comparisons, you'd think there wasn't any child born before SD. All of the cousins are compared to her.