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The hoovering

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MIL and FIL have been stepping up the guilt tripping texts lately and attempts to get a reaction out of DH. Posting things on Facebook (dh still has FIL on there). Luckily DH isn't even blinking at them.

But is this going to go on forever? 


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I'm assuming because it's the holiday's its going to ramp up, once they are over they will probably revert back to mostly radio silence.

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I'm sure it'll be insane for Christmas then since that's another one of MILs big things. Her expectation is that we be there Christmas eve and spend the night and then have Christmas day there.

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I guess MIL will be shocked when you guys don't show on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Don't be surprised to receive a barrage of texts from MIL when you guys no show. Stay strong and keep this toxicity out of your life. 

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Internet bullies it sounds like... very mature. Hopefully it's dies down after Christmas.