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Anxiety still

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Even with last week that SD was here being better (I wouldnt say good, but better) my anxiety is through the roof knowing she will be here in the morning. 


The anticipation of it sucks. I hate the instant change in dynamics when she gets here. 


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I have SD full time and even though I love her and I’m the “main mom,” I love the few weeks a year that we get without her. My own children are very different and much easier to be around. I thoroughly enjoy my time “alone” with them. SD is only gone for a few days every 3-4 months. But the day before she comes back home, I get anxiety, too! Ugh. My DH and my mother never hesitate to make me feel like crap about it. Sigh.

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Hmm that's interesting to me that you feel the same even with a way different situation. That's unfortunate that your mom and DH make you feel bad about it - I find it very difficult to get support from most places other than here also because no one really gets why it sucks because "they're just kids."

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I know. It sounds super messed up because we have her full time and I should be happy to get her back when she leaves.

I’m with you. I’ve never felt more understood since I found steptalk. It’s really a great feeling not to feel so alone!