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ANOTHER cute tiktok video and plans for this weekend

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So last night SD9 posted 2 tiktok videos at about 1 am. One of which says duet or do the dirty with your 1st @. 

Instead of playing legos with daddy this weekend, per her request via the school counselor, her and ODS10 will be watching a video series for kids on internet safety. And discussing the content of the videos. She can have fun "reporting" that to the counselor and BM. 


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It's great how the counselor is viewing her as this sweet innocent little girl who just wants more time to play legos with daddy when in reality she could care less if she sees him at all because she's obsessed with gaining followers and likes on tiktok and already into sexual and violent content.

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That's an excellent idea!  God knows SD needs someone to teach her the dangers of the internet. However, it will likely result in the creation of a TikTok account to which you don't have access, and perhaps a little extra BM drama.

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She doesn't know we have seen her current one. We haven't even seen her since we found out about it. Who knows what's in her inbox from people that we can't see.

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Is it available online somewhere?

This is such an excellent idea. I have SD and SS for a few hours later this week, I'm thinking they can have a learning experience!!