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And now BM didn't come pick SD up

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After BM made all the fuss about SD not wanting to be here and that she would be here early in the morning to pick her up....she's now an hour late to pick her up and not responding to messages. Ugh.


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Well, that was predictable. It probably turned out that being MOTY and saving your child from the other parent is a lot of dang work. 

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I feel like it was another power/control thing or attempt to fight. She finally responded that she didn't set her alarm and asked to pick her up in 2 hours. And then picked her up 20 min later than that 

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Yep. It's like, such a drag to have to actually do parenting. These parents fighting over their kids may realize that what they've "won" are some emotionally damaged kids and some actual work! 

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is exhausting work??  Hmm...imagine that.  

the excuse will be..."I was graciously giving DH time to bond with his dauuuggghhterrr,,by leaving her there.  But, look DH couldn't spend time with her again.  Look at me MOTY....I will help pooor itttle little SD.


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It's just another game to maintain control. The best way to win is to act like you don't care or that you are thankful she did that.

One time BM kept the SKs 3 days when SO was supposed to have them. Not a PC or text to discuss it. No knowledge of if or when they were coming.

So I posted a pic of a cabin on FB and my excitement that  SO and I were going away by ourselves for a few days for a romantic getaway. BM dropped them off the next morning.

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The games are real I saw it right from the beginning. One time SO asked to keep SKs an extra night. BM said absolutely not she was already on her way to get them and then didn't show up for 4h. 

SO lacks the cajones to stand up to her out of fear of further torture. But I made it clear that if he wants to wait around like a pathetic puppy that's on him. I'm not playing along