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A very decent Christmas

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After a very rocky and ridiculous Christmas Eve this Christmas was the first since I’ve been with SO that I haven’t actually hated. SD got waaaaay to many toys but not from me and SO. Her grandparents and aunts from his side went really over board like they always do for her. They did however try and make it a little even with the babies so I was very grateful. The only actual problem Christmas Day was SD  immediately trying to play with and open DDs toys. I got on to her a few times and eventually just told her that she didn’t need to be playing with DDs toys when she had an entire room full of new toys for herself. SO didn’t say anything either to me which was very surprising. All that being said since Christmas Day she’s been stomping around the house wining about being bored, complaining about having to help clean the house, and giving monumental attitude any time she doesn’t get her way. She’s got an entire week off still. Here’s to hoping I don’t go completely crazy having her her home all day everyday.