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SO dealing with his own kids

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My SO has been home not even 2 hours and guess who’s already fed up with needy little SD. That’s right him. Of course he won’t admit that he is he’ll just send her to her room or snap at her. It’s fun to watch because the same reasons he gets mad at me for being impatient over an entire day he can only handle at most a couple hours. He’ll criticize me and tell me I need to spend more time with her when he can’t even stand spending time with her for any period of time. It’s all because of him too. She’s so needy because he raised her that way, she has to touch him constantly because he’s never told her to stop until he gets pissed off. How does he expect me to have more tolerance for the little monster he created than he does? I’m just glad I get the entire weekend away while he watches the kids by himself. He’s already complaining about trying to tell me that I need to remember this. It’s laughable really how little responsibility he thinks he has with his kids. Friday can not get here fast enough! 


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Do you have bio kids too? I feel like some men just expect that if we already have kids it should be no big deal to just throw their kid in the mix also since we are already moms. And they're very wrong lol.

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We have a daughter together and are about to have a son. Being a dad just seems so easy sometimes lol

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"You need to remember this" as if he's doing YOU a favour by watching his own damn kids? That would be the most annoying part of this entire scenario for me. There's no way in hell I'd be okay with a man pretending like the kids we make together are MY responsibility more than they are his. Hell, I woke my husband up at 4am and handed him our wide-awake 19 month old this morning and went back to bed. LOL. But I did get SD up in the morning and let him sleep in... so it's a two-way street. He needs to wake up and realize he's a father. He's not doing you a favour watching the kids. And he's not doing his daughter any favours pushing her off onto her stepmother while he, himself, gets annoyed of her/doesn't spend time with her. 


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Oh believe me we’ve had this discussion sooo many times. He just hasn’t grown up yet to realize that being a dad is also being there to parent and take care of the kids you helped create. 

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Which might be fine, since you are a SAHM and willing to care for them much of time - but that also means he needs to shut his piehole and not criticize your parenting.