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For once not about my SD its about my half sister

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Ok so I know this is a place to vent about there step kids or baby momma drama but this ant the case. my half sister has been something else lately.She 30 mind you, she has 3 children and she's a single mother. I get the fact she has her hands full with 3 kids but gosh its her choosing she was never good at keeping relationships with anyone. so anyways, I texted her and I asked her what her 2 year old son my nephew is into more ales what he wanted for Christmas. she told me the Disney Pixar Cars, Mickey Mouse and Elmo. so I was in the dollar store yesterday and I was look at the toys so I seen an Elmo bubble book and a Cars paint set and a Mickey Mouse puzzle. and her reply was I seen that stuff yesterday. and I ask were did you see that at? she said the dollar store but its alright... and I told her I wasn't done shopping I still had to hit up the Wal-Mart lol. Mind you she lives 60+ miles away and I only get to see her and the kids 2-3 times a year. so her reply to me was its ok Ill get your guys stuff there to. and I asked her if she was upset, and she said no... And that she was used to getting stuff at the dollar store for Christmas... as I was thinking after the text I just read, I was thinking omg how selfish how ungrateful. Its the thought that counts right? she sends another text that said that she get presents from the dollar store why should my kids be any different just try not to do it for AJ he isn't that stupid anymore. AJ is her 9 year old son my oldest nephew. he has been spoiled from day one getting play stations at 3 DS at 4 psp 5 ect. I'm so hurt by her acting like that. I've never not once bought her or the kids anything at the dollar store before. I get my son toys there all the time and he loves them. Why was she so negative she really hurt and angered me at the same time!


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Ok, I'm sure I'll get flamed here...but...

I'd rather send nothing than send dollar store gifts. Yes, it's the thought that counts, but I think dollar store gifts just come across as "why bother."

(Disclaimer: I really enjoy spoiling my niece and nephew. I haven't had "little" kids for quite awhile!)

I am very sorry that she hurt your feelings. Sisters are good at that.

Maybe instead of buying dollar gifts, can you make something for them that will be cheap but more meaningful?

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she gives my kids and I stuff from the dollar store every year. and I wasn't done shopping I thought I could actually save a few dollars this year that's all.

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Id get her and her kids nothing! So rude! It shouldnt matter where gifts came from it is a gift! Since she was eo rude about it and voicing they get nothing!

I would alsob text her that too. Fine if you dont want dollar store itens and hw rude you were while telling ill get nothing. So rude or someone yo dictate where someone gets a gift for them like that.

She needs to learn it was rude and the result of which she and her kids get nothing.