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Live after stephell, death...and it goes on

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Still figuring things out..... but here we go

Live goes on, it is actually pretty good, single since SO passed, only me and my pups

Monster is a full grown man, still ticking mum off, after spending a fortune on collage bugger decided to become actor in a local movie instead of finding a job...

As soon as I figure this site out.... I can update on the sad sad case of BM and Fugus....


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I have my spies lol... and after them sharing one off your blogs, I decided to try this site again

but ffs.... still not working on Mars

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Monster is Not your problem anymore.  BM created this mess, it's her mess to clean up.  

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Jade, you have always demanded a high standard of performance from your son; contributing his financial share, helping to keep your place clean, caring for the family dogs, being respectful and much more . If the lad has decided to involve himself with the theatre, I’m convinced that he’ll give it !00%. That’s what you’ve taught him to do and that’s what he’ll do. So happy to see you! Dance 4

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GRanny , I did not raise a bloody drama queen wasting life away on movie sets lol..... I will let this one slide

That is more for the Fungus to do, no real money, struggeling artist....