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Bullied by his Ex-wife...need your help

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This is my third blog, so I will avoid going in to a ton of details on how evil this woman has been toward me. Some brief examples, and a decade in the making - calling me "fatty", "loser", trying to run me off the road (while step-son and his friend was in the car), throwing paper wads at me during her son's football games, publically humiliating me, stalking, etc. What I'm really looking for is some information on the affects of being emotionally bullied by an ex-wife (or adult in general).

BF insists I am now responsible for smoothing things over with his son.

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I posted earlier about bio mom being the Devil and that her 18 yr old son who lives with us has stated his disproval of our sinful lifestyle. BF had an extremely long talk with him that our lifestyle is not for him to choose and frankly, none of his business. He reminded his son that I do a ton of nice things for him, and have for 10 years. He has told him to show respect. Well, this was over three weeks ago, and minus a major blow up from me about hypocrisy, SS and I have not said one word to each other since. I feel like I'm holding my ground.

I'm no Saint, but self-proclaimed "Christian" bio mom is the DEVIL!

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A decade of "dealing" with this evil woman has taken its toll. I'm full of resentment, bitterness, and hatred. And I'm not proud of it! Ten years ago, I moved in with her ex-husband who has three kids with her. All three lived with us at some point in their lives, but the two youngest chose to live exclusively with us during their high school years. The youngest, now 18, has one year left, his Senior year. In case you were wondering, all three are highly intelligent. Mom merely chose a late kindergarten start for them.