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Email from BM!!!!!!!

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This is an email from BM to BF. Now the part that im pissed about is again their daughter is 9 and can speak for herself so all these Instructions of washing sheets. What does she think we are STUPID??? Not only that at the end she puts she doesnt know where she got it from!!! Not my son cause he is away on vacation in NEW YORK!! I cant stand her ASS.

Hey, gc has ringworm on her leg, I am putting medicine on it, but all her blankets and sheets need to be cleaned, so it doesn’t keep coming back. It’s contagious, but not a big deal. It just keeps coming back if you don’t take care of it, so tell anybody that needs to know. Not sure who she got it from.
Shok D


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I mean really...the part at the end about 'tell anybody that needs to know' that wasn't a dig at you.
She sounds like a walking pile of crap. Don't worry about it. Just know that she's as dumb as the day is long and that on your worst day you are still smarter than her on her best day.

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What a bitch. My husband's ex is just the same, never fails to point out the obvious and complain about nonsense. I am trying really hard to feel sorry for her because she is the most miserable an unhappy person I know but I CAN'T. Did you respond? You should tell her "Our sheets are always clean, we don't need ring worm to make us clean our sheets!." Good luck

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I wash FSS1 sheets after every visit. No one needs to tell me how to do laundry. I guess BM has nothing better to do but that harass you. I guess it makes her feel like she is being a good parent. NOT!