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OT: ARGH! COVID-19 and repercussions

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This is a rant.

First: KEEP THE @(#*&$^% COLLEGE STUDENTS AT SCHOOL! Either they are infected and barely sick and can make it through there, in place, OR they are healthy and fine and can make it thorugh there, in place. WHY send kids who are in the prime of their life and may not even show symptoms if they have the virus back to their communities?! PLUS these @#(*&$&% stupid kids are all jacked up about going on a longer spring break! The colleges should have kept the kids in place, imposed bans on where they could go if they weren't in class, and just held class through spring break and let schools out a week early at the end.

Second: WHY aren't the elementary/middle/high schools closed? Middle school is the most disgusting, germ-infested couple of years for a human. These are the kids that could be the ones to carry and infect everyone. I get that people have to work. BUT, many businesses are closing or people working remotely. You could have a neighbor who also has kids watch them, or trade off.

Third: IF YOU ARE SICK GET CHECKED. This is aimed at my XH. He's feeling unwell, possibly pneumonia he said, and he's quarantined himself in his room at his house. Only reason I know is my son told me that "dad is panicking." Well, if you're worried, call someone to talk about your symptoms! He could be a carrier and have infected our son...who's college is still in session through today...or coworkers...who are still at work because his office isn't shut down.

Fourth: This is NOT a gastrointestinal thing! You DO NOT need three months worth of toilet paper. Yes, you may want food and things to last you 2-3 weeks at home if there are movement restrictions in your area. But will your house really go through 96 rolls of toilet paper in 21 days? That's 4.5 rolls of toilet paper a day! Those of us who had it on our list because we actually ran out and just need a normal amount cannot find any.

Fifth: Now is not the time to play "but it's my time" games with the kids. If someone is sick, people stay put.


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#5 is why I was sick for two weeks! Because DH just had to get SD16 two  Wednesday's ago and bring her here because God forbid he missed one freaking Wed night visit!!! I'm just so glad a week later he got sick too! He even joked that I wish he would get sick, well guess what? I did wish it!!!i And I refuse to have this happen again! I lost almost 2 weeks of my life because of it!!! 

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Are people expecting explosive diarrhea should they contract this virus   ROFL


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Well this is the joke my brother told me: 

Why are people buying so much toilet paper?

Because when one person sneezes 1,000 people shit their pants!!!!

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I normally DO buy a couple of month's supply of toilet paper and have for years. I did not, however, buy double that when I re-stocked, yesterday.

I don't get the toilet paper thing. I get that people might think they need more hand sanitizer or Lysol than usual, but why do they think they need to hoard TP? Really, there's no need to hoard anything, just keep a little extra of certain things on hand.

People are going to cause a whole different crisis if they keep this up.

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All of this!!!! Our school district sent out a notice letting us know they are cleaning the schools more thoroughly based on current conditions!?!  Um are you cleaning the cesspool of preteens who half the time can't remember to wipe their own asses!?! I doubt it, but hey you do you!

Our installation is also operating under the we remain open until ordered otherwise, and if we close then you can telework.  Cool, but what about those of us who aren't able to telework!??  Oh well umm then we will do whatever we can to mitigate you having to use all your leave.  Um no eff that, give me a fecking hazmat suit!  Or let us be on admin sick leave, but don't let half of the workers work from home and the rest of us use up all our leave.

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We are all potentionally exposed because a NURSE came to work after vacationing in one of the high risk countries.  A dang nurse.  Someone who does know better.  Instead of self-isolating, she comes into work.

Of course, I'm housekeeping so guess who had to clean the room the nurse was held in for I don't know how long?  Me and the housekeeper on shift.

Cheers for that.

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Now that the laughing is behind me,,,about TP

I don't know why your x wont go to the doctors. Pneumonia is nothing to joke about.

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No, it's not. My friend's husband died of pneumonia, he was about 54 or 55 and otherwise healthy.

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I live in OH.  Here all grades are out of school for 3 weeks.  My only concern is during that 3 weeks how many times is BM going to try to give DH "extra" time with SD or "make up" time with SD.  SD missed her visit this week b/c I was sick.  I worked from home for the last 3 days.  I might drag out my sickness longer to not have to deal with SD :/  At least my work did let me work from home.  I think only b/c they were afraid of me but that's cool.  I don't think I had the coronavirus but if I did I can tell you that I didn't need 500 rolls of TP to make it thru.  This TP hoarding is a really crappy situation Wink

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Betcha steak dinner and a bar tab of nothing but top shelf liquor your SD contracts the virus ... but she doesn't test positive for it.  BM will claim she has it and that will be the gospel.

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Oh my god I just realized her concussion is all for naught, since the Coronavirus has now gotten her out of school, her ailment is no longer needed!

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Nah.  I'm betting she and BM will try to find a way to work the concussion and virus together.  One is somehow going to make the other worse.  Or she'll develop some super-strain of the virus that can't be detected by doctors, so they don't know how to treat it.  Specialists from Geneva will need to called in to consult with doctors from the Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins.  

They're going to work this one like a 'ho on dollar day.

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Its important to slow the spread of the virus so as to not overhwelm the Health Care system.


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In regards to why they send college students home: most dorms are not set up to quarantine folks. The bathrooms, kitchens, food courts - they're all communal. At least at home, students can hunker down in a location where food and bathrooms are only communal with other household members - not 30-40 other people.

I do think that college students are being INCREDIBLY stupid to travel over Spring Break, or are looking at this as an extended party. That puts everyone at risk, and is no bueno.

Regarding K-12 schools, they're starting to close down. I think many of them are trying to make it to Spring Break to give folks a chance to figure out what they're going to do about lesson plans, childcare, etc. 

100% agree on all the other. I bought an extra pack of TP because I have IBS and don't want to be without. What I was more surprised by was how people weren't stocking up on fever reducers, cough suppressants, etc. I got a combo of drugs to help ease fevers and symptoms. THAT is stuff people need to have on hand - not 400 bottles of water (you have a tap) or 96 rolls of TP.

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And colleges are trying to limit large groups of people, so those large lecture halls are bad ideas. No way to break those into smaller-sized classes. Some college kids wouldn't have the sense to quarantine themselves if they do become ill, especially since in that age group symptoms are likely to be mild. So the professor, the classmate with health issues, the custodian, the pizza delivery guy are all exposed.

There's not a perfect answer, but it would be pretty impossible to implement successful social isolation on a college campus.

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All of the Tylenol, Advil, Delsym, Mucinex, etc. was sold out at our Target when I went there yesterday.  I haven't seen hand sanitizer in a couple weeks, or Clorox wipes and most cleaning products in a week.  Toilet paper was gone at Target, Walmart, Sam's, Costco.  Sam's had bottled water only because they were limiting it to 2 cases per person.  And don't get me started on baby wipes.  I guess people figured that baby wipes were the next best thing to TP, so those had flown off the shelf, too.  I have a baby who needs wipes!  I can get baby washcloths and make do, but really, leave some baby wipes for the babies, folks!

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Yes I agree. I found baby wipes on amazon and a Walgreens happened to have a few. I have a 9 month old baby and I didn't think I was gonna need to scramble for diapers, wipes and formula... just crazy! We have been out of TP for weeks and no hand soap or hand sanitizer 

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I am surprised that your store was not low on OTC meds.  My area stores are getting cleaned out of them.  I did not have to stock up because, while I am not a nutcase prepper, I like being prepared for general emergencies and just have to supplement with some fresh refrigerator items to batten down the hatches for a decent time.  I have essentially a rotating stock of supplies - food, toiletries, pet supplies, meds and first aid, cleaning, cash plus stocked "go bags" - at all times.   OK  - maybe I am a LITTLE bit of a nutcase prepper  LOL.  But it is a combo of being a military brat and having experienced serious poverty.  Like Scarlett O'Hara once said "As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again!!!"

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Ha! I know the bottled water I get during hurricanes put most people not only have a sink, but a water dispenser on their fridge that filters the water!

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It's important to not have college kids in communal areas.  Our schools have been closed since last week.  Slow the curve is the name of the game now  honeslty.  I have 4 rolls left.   Guess I'll start using leaves to wipe my ass if when I go out tomorrow they are out lol