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OSS owes me one

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DH and I were talking about DS and OSS graduating and a small gift that’s for fun. DHs idea for OSS is to get him a gym membership at his college. “Because maybe he’d go then and ims sure his friends will go so he will want to.”

I wasn’t fast enough to control it and I laughed. So DH wanted to know why.  I asked DH when OSS has ever voluntarily exercised and did he really think the friends would be exercising? Why get him one more gift that shows how much you want to push him to do something he hates? To describe OSS and his friends think of the kids from Real Genius. Exercise is not their thing. It’d be just one more instance of DH forcing exercise down the kids throat and not really a gift. (No he’s not obese or over weight. Out of shape sort of.)

DH had a hard time thinking of something else but at least he’s not going to waste money on a school gym membership (and I’m guessing it’s included anyway).



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Gym was free when I was in school, but what was a long time ago.  What a weird gift for a kid who never works out.