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Competition between SDs - Can you see the karma train coming? This SM can..

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SD11 and SD13 have always been in competition with each other. They always say that they hate each other. I personally believe that they truly do hate each other. They have taken it to another level by putting it on facebook. This is their exchange between SD11 and SD13 on facebook.

SD11’s wall
Picture of SD13 at Mexican restaurant for her Bday. They put a sombrero on her.
SD13: I hate u
SD11: I am glad tht we hate each other
BM: Be nice girls!
SD11: Haha lik tht is a joke
BM: Stop!
SD11: Na
BM: Love u!

Just to clarify, Tht = that.
So, does anyone else see a problem with this posting ? I told DH to look but his response? “I read the FB posts on both girls wall. Not sure what u were referring to except some chatter on SD11’s wall about her pic which I could barely understand”. I told him that is because he does not see BM’s comments. If he is not concerned, I am not concerned. Thank you , disengaging.

I can’t help but see this KARMA freight train coming down the tracks. When they get to be 15, 16, 17 it WILL be much worse. Remember the movie “Mean Girls” Yup. Just like that. Good Luck with that BM. You can’t even get them to eat their vegetable NOW without calling DH and having him tell the girls to eat their veggies. How that “BFF parenting” working out for you?


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I would not allow my kids to post this crap on facebook. They are 14, 12, and 10. I would have it deleted immediately ( I have all their passwords) and then they would be grounded off facebook. Kids act like this because they are allowed to.

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I absolutely agree. I asked my DS12 if he would ever post something like this. His answer - no way mom. you would make me take it down anyway. and I dont want my friends to see that!

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i would be less concerned by what the kids are posting and more concerned with bm's obvious lack of parenting skills.

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anytime DH brings up something to BM, she says "I know" in a very patronizing way. DUH! If you know, why are you allowing it? Yup, BFF parenting at its finest.

BM consistently favors SD13 over SD11. It shows in everything she does. From haircuts, pictures, school activities. She will always allow SD13 to participate in things and not sign up SD11. It is a very sad situation for SD11. But there is nothinng we can do about it, since BM "knows" everything. Except how to feed a child vegies and treat her girls equally.

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I love this post, not because I'm pleased someone else other than me is going through this, but because the words used are actually what I could have written myself. I have two step-daughters - 15 and 16 - who hate each other with a passion. They are constantly calling each other 'bitches', and while I agree with the sentiment, I sure don't agree with expressing it abusively. Neither of them has posted it on facebook though, because they're too invested in looking 'good' in the eyes of other people. At home, they are definitely clones of the 'Mean Girls'. It's harrowing to be around and a terrible role model for their 10 year old brother. He is increasingly becoming like sad.

We don't have a bio mother hanging around because she herself was an addict and abuser, and chose to depart this world after bringing four children into it. So yes, the kids have had it rough. But as I keep saying to their dad, it'll remain rough and they may well go down the same path as their mother, heredity being what it is (not to mention the many years of fine example) if he doesn't raise the expectations, set the limits and step up to the bar as a parent himself.

There would be hell to pay if we even mentioned the thought of having their facebook passwords! But I would if I could, believe you me.

Cheers from the madhouse.

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When my 2 oldest kids pointed out how much they hated each other I told them they were not allowed to speak to each other or even look at each other. They were not permitted to sit next to each other at dinner. When we visited my friends who had kids the same age as my oldest 2 only one of them could come with me so as not to have to be around the other for longer than they 'wanted'.

This took about 2 weeks to make them see how stupid they are being. I would say something like "For someone who hates your sister as much as you do you spend a LOT of time annoying her so she notices you. What a funny way to show how much you love her. If you REALLY hated her so much you wouldn't even notice her existence. Nah, you love her.

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I wish we could do this but we only get them EOW. Not enough time to instill anything.... Sad

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Thanks for the responses. I knew I was not making a mountain out of a molehill. Guess BM and DH will have a rude awakening in a few years. I will just sit on the sidelines and watch the fireworks...