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My journey begins .. again

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The introduction.

Hello there steptalkers – it’s been a while – I didn’t think I’d be back – but well, fate had other ideas lol! So.. to recap – I haven’t seen my ex-SO since I kicked his Disney-dad bitching ass out of my house 4 years ago.  I dated here and there but nothing serious.  Until I met my eldest Son’s boss.  My Son has known SO for 4-5 years and they get along like a house on fire.

I’m going to be breaking this up into segments, or this will turn into a flamin novel.

I met SO 2 years ago when he organised a BBQ at his place and invited myself, my sis, bro-in-law and a few mates.  We had a fantastic time and I found myself really enjoying talking to him.  He’s 8 years older than me, so older than anyone I’ve ever dated – and he was like a magnet to me. 

However, he has.. twin adult daughters. Yep. Twins. Adult daughters. They are now 35 years old. (that line deserves it’s very own paragraph).

Nearly every arvo Saturday my eldest Son would meet up with SO and have a few beers (he just lives around the corner), and a few times, I would join them.  SO and I just connected and once we started talking, it was hard to leave.. not to mention we share the same interests, same taste in music etc etc..

Then, about a year ago, SO asked my Son about my situation and how did he think I’d feel, if he asked me out?  Usually, my Son is very wary of anyone wanting a relationship with me due to my past failures..hah! However, he told SO that he felt we would connect well, as we got along everytime we met.

It took SO another 2 months to ask me out.

He wanted to take me to the botanical gardens in the city.  I had a lunch date that day and had planned to meet up with my sis and bro for dinner that same day – so I invited him to join us.  My sis and bro were delighted as they also love his company – so he agreed.

Guys! We had a ball!!! We talked, laughed and then my sis turned the music up – and hooo boy! We all jumped up and just hit the floor.  In all my relationships I have never, ever had a man who loved to dance like I do – it was bloody amazing!! He moves like me and we boogeyed our brain out for most of the night.  It also took him about 2 hours to put his hand on my thigh.. can you say tingles.. lorrrdy me – I almost jumped his bones then and there (let’s not forget I hadn’t been intimate with anyone in years!)

Next blog: SO's history ..


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Woops - that lunch date was with my girlfriends - no I'm not a complete tart.. lol!!!! 

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Welcome Back! I so hope this story has a happy ending - or at least the possibility of one. You so deserve it!

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Thank you - it's ongoing - but it's a battle we're winning - trust me - the stories are incredible! We've been dating for almost 9 months now..

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Also forgot to mention - they are identical twins - as in scary-identical - and their voices are 99% matched (or somewhere around there) they sound EXACTLY the same.

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Oh Clove - you have no idea.. lol! wait til i start the tale.. *ROFL*

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Good for you, hopefully things work out for you and SO. It's nice that SO and your DS already have a connection.

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Thanks darl... that was bloody lucky - real happy they get along Smile

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I have a feeling this is gonna get very very interesting.

Twin SD's, adults. What can go wrong they asked? LOL

Cannot wait for future blogs 

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I got a few stories to tell.. I'm still reeling from some of their actions! Thank God for steptalk!

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Island Gal!

It's good to hear from you.  Can't wait to heat the rest.

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Hey Gimlet! yep - I'm going to be adding to my story real soon.. Great to "see" you guys!

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IG!!! I am both happy and sad to see you. Hopefully, the fleeting sadness I felt is a delusion and it's merely steplife and not stephell that brought you back. *give_rose*

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Hey Aniki! love the rose! Believe me - I feel the same - but hopefully, my story will have a happy ending - the journey continues.. I just am so grateful to steptalk to arming me for battle, so to speak. I know how to handle them - and they ain't happy..hahahaa!! I also hope that my story will give a lot of steppers out there some hope!

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You have no idea! The dramas! well! I'll add more soon Smile

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SO nice to see you around here again girl!  Glad to see things are going well for you.  Very happy for you!


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Hey banana.. great to "see" ya too! things are looking up - it's been a bloody hard battle.. but long as he supports our relationship, we'll get there.. Smile

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HI there walkOnBy! thank you darl - i'm very happy - thank God he's fully supporting us.. it's been a helluva ride!