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Disney Dad or Ignorant Moron??

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Ok. I gotta tell this story because I’m not sure if he’s a Disney dad or what – but damn! He sure as shit acted like it!!

We had a tradesman come out to our place to do some repairs on our kitchen cupboards. He rocks up at 6.30pm (after telling us he’d be there at 5.30). I go to the front door to greet him and hold the door open so he could bring his tools inside.

He goes to his truck, and comes up to the house, holding the hand of his young toddler daughter, who looked about 3years old, roughly. I asked him if he was here to actually fix the cupboards? He said “yes – why?”. I told him I didn’t think it was appropriate or safe for him to bring his daughter with him. I explained that our house isn’t child proofed and I have medicines etc out in the open. He replied “she won’t be any trouble at all”. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with this at all, as we had also just purchased a new computer and didn’t want anyone going near it.

He again insisted that she wouldn’t be a problem and it would only take him a couple of minutes to fix the cupboards. He then asked me if she could use the toilet. I guided her to the toilet and continued to express my discomfort to him. She came out of the toilet whilst we were still talking, and headed straight over to the new computer and began touching things. I got really annoyed and told him “I’m sorry, I don’t agree with this – you need to take your daughter home and return some other time to do the work on your own. We are not babysitters and I can’t take the risk of something happening to her and I need to protect our things. Obviously, she’s young and curious and you won’t be able to monitor her”. Well! He became REALLY ANNOYED with me.

He told me I was being petty and stupid. He then rang our real estate and complained to them, whilst he was still in my house. He told the real estate I was obnoxious and being really stupid. I lost my temper, then. I told him to get the hell out of my house and walked right behind him out the door. I told him to never return as he was beyond rude. I then called the real estate – who had the audacity to try to defend him!! This is the same real estate who attended our first house inspection with her 3 yr old child in tow, who proceeded to rub glue all over my book library. Damn, I was pissed.

I sent a letter of complaint to the Handyman’s place of employment and a copy of it to the real estate. They sent me an immediate response, saying they agreed with me and that none of their handymen were allowed to take their children to any jobs. That handyman was then reprimanded severely. The real estate did absolutely nothing – no letter of apology nothing.

My point to this post is this – how in bloody blue blazes does one expect to work when they have their toddler with them? Could he be a Disney dad – carting his child with him? Could the child have a useless lazy BM that couldn’t be bothered watching her?? And what the hells the deal with the real estate bringing a toddler to conduct an inspection? Don’t these idiots know to leave their children at home when conducting business?? If I took my 3 yr old (I don’t have one) to work, my Boss would probably hit the goddamn roof!!


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Maybe he's a single dad who didn't have a sitter and couldn't afford to take the day off.

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Even if that's true, it still strikes me as completely asinine to assume the strangers he was working for would be happy to babysit. Or to think that he could perform his usual work, involving electric and/or sharp tools and small pieces, while supervising a 3 year old.

What would you do? Just bring the child, putting her and your job in danger anyway?

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Ignorant moron for sure, and completely unprofessional. It's not ok to take a kid to work with you, especially a very young one like that, who needs constant supervision, which he obviously could not provide. What a tool. And a douche to get pissed at you. You were 100% in the right. Good for you for throwing him out and getting him in trouble with his employer. What an idiot.

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I've read your posts before. You NEVER try to put yourself in other's shoes lol!!!

And lots of people really need jobs, why not hire someone who shows up prepared to actually do the work?