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A nice story for once.

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I normally come here to vent and/or ask advice on our PAS in progress SKs (mostly SS). 

Last night however, I think just maybe I saw his guard come down and a little kid come out. We were driving after dinner to pick up some dessert. DH and I were up front and SKs in the back. We were all being silly singing some dumb song I don't even remember which one. 

SS from the back seat said something that I couldn't quite hear nor could DH so he asked him what he said...and the kid sheepishly said, "THIS family is fun". 

Okay its dumb and small, but y'all my heart did the Grinch thing where it swelled up like 3 sizes or more. 

He had left his phone at home, and when we got back he didn't even reach for it.(1st time ever - normally he races for it to make sure he hasn't missed a call or text from MOTY). We played Cornhole and continued our binge, as a family, with Cobra Kai.

It felt so good, I just had to share. 


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Dance 4


Love it!!! Stories like this are always nice to read!