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A Toy Story

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Skids would have anyone believe they are jilted at our house.

"There's nothing to doooo"

"No toys to play wiiiithhhh"

"Why does DD have nicer things/toyyys"

Poooor widdle skids.

DH decided yesterday to pack up the skids' room. They will be able to take everything to Maggot's house or throw/give it away, but none of it will stay here. Their room has sat empty for over 4 months now, and DH feels that since they express zero interest in visitation, it's time to reclaim wasted space in the house.

I helped, because moving nearly every year of my childhood has made me an efficient, organized, and speedy packer.

Toys found in the room (mostly scattered and hidden):

11 RC cars

2 RC helicopters

A full size toolbox of real adult-sized craftsman tools

2 other toolboxes

1 Complete full-sized Thomas the Train set with all pieces

enough stuffed animals to fill a large storage container

18 collector LEGO sets

3 68-count crayon sets, construction paper, scissors, erasers, pencils, and an 80 piece glitter gel pen set

6 full size sketchbooks

A bowling ball and pin set, unused soccer ball, kickball, jack-set, and numerous other fun balls

A collectors item erector set

4 robotic toys that move via voice command

belts, photos, and t-shirts from karate lessons, karate camp, and other fun summer camps

Boy scout shirts, manuals, awards, badges, compasses, flashlights, backpacks, and other camping gear

numerous books on interesting things like dinosaurs, planets, cars... books on everything

5 jigsaw puzzles

numerous other puzzle type toys

8 Nerf guns ranging in size from as big as my forearm to as big as me

nearly 20 unused gift cards, cash, and uncashed checks (that we never saw) from relatives

small toys (like hot wheels and other trinket sized toys) in enough quantity to fill a moving box

Paint sets, marker sets, and other art supllies

Two full sized fossil collections (from our many adventures) and a full sized rock collection 

A beyblade arena and set

A huge castle playset

large trucks

wooden novelty cars and planes

a laptop and kindle

This does not include their two bikes, full sized archery set, and BB gun, nor does it include the basketballs, soccer balls, other balls, and many many outside toys they have destroyed over the years.

Poor, bored, deprived skids.

It must have been difficult over the years to look into DD's room and actually be able to see her toys (because organization), despite that she has no more than they.

It feels good to get that justification that we have done a LOT for skids and that they truly are just ungrateful and spoiled.


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Don't give them the toys back. Find a local foster care agency. Anything new can likely go directly to kids. Anything used and in good shape can be used as their visit centers for when parents and kids have supervised visitation. I'd be tempted to donate the gift cards, too, because foster agencies around here ask for them for their teens/young adults who have aged out or are about to age out since many are working part-time jobs and that's the only way they get new stuff for themselves and can pay their bills.

Then, I'd ask for a tax deduction letter from the foster agency (easy to get), staple a list of everything you donated, and hand it to SKs. 

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Everything LD wrote. Biggrin

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Agree with this.

That is a LOT of nice stuff. 

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Send them and BM a picture of everything from their room and tell them it's going to a homeless shelter or other charity 

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I had one teddy and one box of original lego. My mother used to put me to work in the kitchen to keep me busy. 

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The stuff you find! When DH decided to clean out OSDs room he was shocked at the lack of things. And we realized she had been taking things to BMs over a period of time so her leaving our home was planned in the end. She left filthy clothes and a lot of junk and trash. DH was POd. I had to hold back the 'I told you so' pretty hard. He boxed up even the trash so if she came to get her things she'd have to deal with it herself, but she never came for it.

I need to talk with DH about it actually because the boxes are still in our storage and I want them out finally. BTW: I did give clothing either to YSD as she grew or donation so it went to use.

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I personally wouldn't tell BM your plans or you will just give her ammo "seeeeeeeee mommykims tooollllllddddd yoooooouuuuuuu   your speeeeerrrrrmmmm doooooonnnnnooooor doesn't caaaaaaaaarrrrre about yoooooouuuuuuuuu."

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Post like this and stories like these (not particular about your skids) are really starting to bother me just in general. These kids now a days (I'm assuming here) who grow up in nice suburban neighborhoods have no f'n idea how good they have it and it's never enough it seems for them. 

Maybe because I work in a inner city but, there are so many kids out there that would be sooo excited for just a fraction of these toys. 

100% donate them. They don't use them. Make an underprivileged child happy. 

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Sell the LEGO sets and enjoy a nice dinner.  Donate the rest.  It sucks to see that much money go to waste.  Possession is 9/10's of the law right? So, they left it behind and you are left cleaning up the mess.  So many times this story gets told here.  

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Are you able to use any of the gift cards/cheques? if so use them!!!

keep some of the other items for dd (she will not know the difference), sell some and donate the rest!


wow your skiids are ridiculous if they claim neither you nor dh care or buy them anything. I would be iinclined to take pictures of these items, which are enough to fill a store I would think!*shok*

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Lol!! I love the ideas! 
Im sorry I didn't return here yesterday to comment. We were outside drinking beer and burning their bureau (which I bought 9 years ago for $150 at a nice antique store and was too destroyed by skids to even give away).

Of course the dog loves to lie downwind of the fire and let ashes land on her, so next up was bathing the pooch.

Anyway, I am going to bring these ideas up to DH. We were going to let skids decide because we aren't big on taking back gifts that have been given. We also think it may be good for skids to take responsibility and action in giving things to the needy (not that they've learned any other lessons in morality from us, but that never stops us from doing the right thing and trying).

TT, you bring up a good point: Maggot will absolutely use this event to paint DH and I in a bad light. Then again, she uses everything to paint us in a bad light - it's amazing the stories she can spin. So, we have gotten to a point where we don't give a flying eff about the stories and lies that whore lulls her children with.

We are sooo effing done.

DD17 has zero interest in any of it, even though she was the one who gave them the train set long ago. So the train set can go to a friend with a young child and skids can shoulder the moral responsibility of giving versus selfish hoarding.

DH and I buy brand new gifts for foster children annually, so we know those poor kiddos are enjoying something at least.

If skids do want to donate anything they are going to have to make sure it's not broken first. I refuse to hand over a pile a of junk to the needy.

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DH asked me to box up his sh*t from his room and he put it on the porch.  Told GWR anything left there after the end of day...was going to be donated.

GWR took his clothes but left the very expensive mixing board/software, microphone and his computer. would think if you wanted to be a rapper you would want the mixing board so you can mix and record your own raps.  But..hey whatevs...

GWR was more interested in the Supreme hoodies, etc.than anything actual musical.

DD now uses the mixing board and microphone.  You know because she has been playing music/instruments since she was 9 and is in 2 ensembles in college.

The rest of the odds and ends he left...we either put in the trash or donated.


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Thats how I did it, with SD21 Feral Forger, and when Munchkin SD14 needed help.

So - Id keep the fossils, donate the toys, and give the money to skiddos...(trash)

funny, I kinda did the same list with Feral Forger!

three bins of her clothes and things that looked like she might want them back

6 bags of trash that included bloody clothes from period, plastic water bottles, girly toy, bottle of whiskey (empty), papers

5 bags of donation

And Munchkin took what she wanted.