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Testing for COVID-19

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Well lo and behold.

DH and I have been doing an A+ job of social distancing and quarantining.

We have only rarely left the house for essential items.

Buuuut... skids visited on Father's Day, and guess who has been traipsing around town, without masks, and without a care in the world?

Yep. Maggot and sons.

So yesterday, I came down with symptoms.

Now, I have to go get tested for COVID-19.

Even though my job is 100% at home and entails design and development of web based curriculum... it is web based curriculum for employees of a major cancer center, making me a professional in the healthcare sector.

So now I have to jump through hoops, get tested at the department of public health, have my results be a part of healthcare professional statistics, and then go through my own hospital's occupational employee health clinic for clearance to return to my 100% remote, work from home job...

because SKIDS.

Effing A.

DH is PISSED. He has indefinitely postponed all skid visits and is seeking virtual visits with the little germ bags. He was hesitant about Father's Day to begin with, but oh no... Iamwoman just haaaad to encourage that visit. ...ugh. Somebody slap me.

No, you know what? Somebody slap Maggot. Slap her into a coma please.


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Ugh. I have to get tested next week before I can do a medical procedure, not looking forward to the swab up the nose.  Thankfully testing is easy here, no hoops to jump through.

Hope it's just a cold.

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I'm so sorry.  Are you holding up OK physically?

You did what you thought was best for your DH and that sucks that it bit you.  I'm glad he's going remote with the visits with them, so many people are acting like the virus is gone and not taking any precautions, or using the mask/lack of mask as a political statement when the virus doesn't give a damn about that.

Take care of yourself.

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My first symptoms were yesterday. Physically, my fever is gone today (but that means nothing with COVID-19), and I am fatigued beyond belief despite sleeping 11.5 hours last night. Sore throat. Tight lungs.

Praying it's not COVID-19. My autoimmune disorder is IgAN, wherein my immune system attacks my kidneys and lungs whenever it is activated. Not fun. Kidneys stop filtering toxins, and I get pneumonia every. single. time. I'm sick.

Been on hold for close to an hour now with the county just to get an appointment.

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So shitty... this COVID stuff is really adding a whole new layer to the bullshit of stepparenting. 

Hopefully you have low level symptoms if you do have COVID. 

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:(  I hope that it is not the virus...but any type of sickness sucks.

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I hope you don't have COVID and that you get well soon.  I have to say I have been shocked right the way through the pandemic by the number of members here reporting that family members are not obeying social distancing rules.  On the whole, the UK population has done, and as a result our numbers have been going down since April.  

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Some states in the US have actively discouraged people from wearing masks, and opened up way too soon.  Others have made masks mandatory and enforced slower openings and social distancing - the first group of states are rising fast, the second are level or going down.

NY was the absolute worst in the US at one point, we now have one of the lowest rates of transmission. People wear masks as they should, I rarely see even one person in the grocery store without one.

It's frankly criminal how it's been handled in some states.

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Praying you don’t have it Iamwoman!  It’s a nasty illness, I don’t understand the people who aren’t taking it seriously. Hoping you feel better soon.

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Sending positive thoughts your way, and hoping you'll be skidless for a while (at least until they and Maggot take covid seriously).