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OT - stimulus check for child support arrears

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This is off topic, but I know some of us here in addition to being SM's also have biochildren from a previous relationship.

HCBD in my case owes $17,000 in arrears when he decided to just stop paying child support for three years and take expensive vacations every month with his wife instead (lol - I know it's ridiculous... a whoooole other story).

The way I understood it, for someone who has an enormous amount of child support arrears, such as HCBD, his stimulus check of $1200 was supposed to be sent to me, through my state child support office as a way to help him pay down some of his arrears.

...but this has not happened.

I have not received the $1200 through child support from HCBD's stimulus pay.

Has anyone else experienced either NOT receiving your DH's stimulus check because he owes a large amount of arrears in child support, or have you experienced receiving the check that was supposed to go to the other parent but instead came to you to help pay down arrears you are owed?

Nothing at all has happened here, and I hesitate to ask HCBD if he received his own stimulus check, because starting any kind of conversation with him is like opening Pandora's box.


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Nice blog.  I am also a bio that has an ex that is in arrears only like 7k though, lol!  However, I do have a somewhat civil relationship with ODS's father so I do know that he did file for the stimulus, it was accepted and he received a letter 3 weeks ago that said that CS intercepted the check.  I have yet to see that money in my CS account and it is starting to make me mad!  What is the hold up?  I'm interested to see if any other's are experiencing this as well.

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Oh haha. This may be why HCBD started blowing up my phone a couple weeks ago (I ignored and asked for text). He texted me something about the government "taking money from him," but he was cryptic about it and very irate, so I backed out of that convo as cleverly as possible.

When you look online at your child support account, can you see the $1200 in there (like it's been noted on your account but just not disbursed to you yet? ... 8ve noticed there is always a 2-5 day lag between CS taking the money from HCBD and me receiving the money through direct deposit).

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LOL, yep, probably why you got the cryptic irate message, "oh sorry you are being held responsible for the child you made"!  Ugh! 

I haven't logged into my online account.  I have an app that shows when it is deposited onto my CS visa card.  It isn't directly deposited into my bank unfortunately :(  I'll have to login to my account and see.  I'll let you know if it is there pending.

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Date of collection is earlier than date of disbursement so the CS agencies can benefit from the interest from a kajillion CS payments. My state contracts with BofA for this.

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If he's remarried, their stimulus check was combined. Because you are not entitled to his wife's portion, one of two things probably happened: 1. The state seized the whole check and is super slow at dividing it up; or 2. They let the whole check go to them because the state doesn't want to use resources enforcing federal child support regulations right now.

You might get answers if you called the child support office. They would know if the check has been seized and waiting in limbo. If they tell you there is no record of garnishment on his stimulus, you are probably out of luck.

ETA: I though of a third possibility: if your ex owes taxes, the feds and state will take that out first, possibly taking the entire stimulus.

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There is also the matter of income levels.. if he earned too much.. or had not filed taxes.. both of those could also wrench up the process and in fact he may not have gotten a stimulus at all.

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Hmmm. Thank you Beebeel. I hope it is the former and not the latter. It would be nice to get back some of that money I am owed. Nothing like being forced to pay for a child myself that I created with another human being, and then being forced to give an interest free loan to that other human being... 

I wish I could call CS, but they shut down their phone lines during lockdown and have not opened them back up yet. Unknw

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That may be another issue: CS offices not operating at full capacity. They may only be handling current CS payments and not doing anything outside "normal operating procedures" yet.

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I don't believe stimulus checks would be sent to the other person in case of arrears etc Tax returns will be sent. Not stimulus checks. 

He likely got it like everyone else unless him and his wife make much more than $150. Even if you make more, you get it but reduced. 

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Technically, the stimulus is an "advance" on next year's tax returns. So A LOT of people who don't even know this, are going to be shocked at tax time 2021.

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Yes, stimulus checks have been intercepted for those that are in arrears.  It is highly publicized.  It is actually the only reason my ex filed his taxes because he wanted to help offset what he owes.

I contacted my CS agency today.  They advised that the IRS does the interception and that it could take months for me to receive the stimulus that the intercepted. Grrr! 

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Oh wow! I can't believe your CS office still answers phones. Lol

Thank you for sharing their reply to you, with me. That makes me feel better that even though it will be months from now, at SOME of those arrears will be taken care of.

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Well let me rephrase, I tried calling, they didn't answer but they had an online chat service so I was able to online chat with a CS employee that updated me on how long it could take. 

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My older son's dad owes me north of $30k. (My older son is 24, but he didn't start paying until my son was 17.5)

I have not recieved his stimulus money, but he doesn't file his taxes for years (until they MAKE him, typically every 3 years). Since he never filea timely, I suspect I am out of luck collecting arrears via stimulus. 


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Wow, that is crazy!  I'm sure he is avoiding filing because he owes you!  What a jerk! 

My ODS's father has made a lot of bad decisions and not been the greatest father but he is trying at least.  He filed because he knew it would go to CS. 

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He's decent now and trying to do better.  He hasn't always been.  He's a recovering addict so even when he wasn't great (and I kept my son away due to his drug use) it wasn't like dealing with HCGUBM.  He was incacerated for a while and just recently did several months inpatient rehab.  He is trying to do the right thing and I don't bash him or speak ill of him to my ODS.  When he was incacerated he wrote my son a letter about how he needs to respect me and DH and how lucky he is to have us.  So even making poor decisions he has been more respectful than HCGUBM!

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He did not end up in jail until my son was 17.5 - we split when he was 1.5.

He literally only paid 6 months of support during that whole time. I did get a tax refund intercept once for about $2600, that he "got" by claiming our son when he shouldn't have. He was so pissed when he had to pay the IRS back and wanted me to give him the money to do so! HA FAT CHANCE. 

He learned to game the system. And it worked. He worked "under the table" and had "his own business" but didn't claim all the income and 100% of the expenses. So CS calculations were based on him working minimum wage. And he STILL owes thay much. Of course once our son turned 18, he immediately got a job as a UNION pipe fitter, no more "minimum wage" for him! 

You might be amazed by him not paying... but I sm amazed by what people ARE paying! 

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Ugh. What a jerk. 
HCBD also tries to hide money.

I did some research and found that upon death, child support arrears are considered a debt of the state. As such, that debt takes precedence over any last will and testament, or any debts owed to anyone else. In other words... if your ex dies before you do, then up to $30,000 of his estate will go to your CS arrears. 
The catch is that you have to be alert and be on top of it when he dies.

I have no qualms about taking HCBD's estate from his wife if he dies first, because she was also caught on video camera abusing DD several years back. I have no sympathy for child abusers. I will soak her dry and finally be recompensed for being the sole financial support of DD for so many years.

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Did you get it already?

Oh so side note... apparently HCBD filed for unemployment stimulus benefits, even though military VA disability (which he faked also) gives him over $3500 a month.

I checked CS site this morning, and I'm getting an extra $300/month from HCBD's unemployment benefits on top of what they are taking from his VA pay, in order to help him pay down his CS debt.

So... THAT is why he was blowing up my phone a week or so ago... he is pissed that the government is taking some of his unemployment benefits and applying towards his CS arrears.

Me though? I don't know if it's justice, karma, or just life finally being fair... but I am happy to recoup some of that money!

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My ex owes damn near $27,000 and I did not receive his stimulus. I also never recieve his taxes. He claims the max amount so he owes the government each year. He would rather this than help pay for his children.