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The Maggot’s ribbon on PAS campaign

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Well, the Maggot has been granted her wish to move 3 hours away.

DH (with an attorney writing and filing the paperwork  of course), allowed Maggot to move.


Because Maggot has PAS'd skids against DH and myself so badly that DH has pretty much given up on a relationship with skids.

He has tried and tried for 9 years, and Maggot has twisted everything he has ever said and done and brainwashed skids against him and against me with her incessant talking (aka lying).

Nothing Maggot has ever claimed about skids is true.

She claimed that OSS15 "wants to be just like DH and is really into cars too." Except OSS15 Just likes KNOWING about cars, and doesn't actually like to get his hands dirty. Also, he just got his learners permit. Now, a boy with a fresh learners permit, who claims to love cars, and whose father is a car guru (my DH can tell you what kind of car is coming by hearing the engine several miles away)... you would think OSS15 would have called, texted, or somehow shared that moment with his father. But nope. Nada. Crickets. OSS15 doesn't give a hoot.

Sadly, this surprises DH less than it surprises me. I'm always trying to see the good in people - even when there is none - so this is a fault of mine.

As for YSS11... he has also not called or texted DH one time since early June.

So now we see that the skids contact with DH in early June was orchestrated by Maggot as she prepared for the possibility of going to court against DH so she could move.

Because as soon as DH gave her permission, she went right back to being a total alienator.

This move was just the ribbon tied neatly on top of her PASpackage.

What Maggot and these other HCBMs fail to realize, is that they are screwing their own children's heads up permanently. 

DH is an adult and will get over it. He has done amazingly well at getting over it already and focusing on our lives and our goals and everything else positive that hasn't been stolen from him by a fat whore who pushed him into divorce and then kept pushing.

I have certainly gotten over it already. OSS15 made sure of that with his unsuccessful Father's Day stunt.

DD17 couldn't give a rat's a$$ anymore about two kids who came i to her life and home and acted like twats. She is on to bigger and better things already.

The only ones who will never get over the PAS are the skids.

Bravo, Maggot. Bravo.


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I'm so sorry.  They want to blame everyone else for the damage being done but themselves.  Maybe one day they will see the light and you and your husband can have a relationship with them...if that's what you want. 

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Thank you.

I used to want that, but now I couldn't care less. I would be happy if OSS15 disappeared forever.

I still sort of hope YSS11 eventually sees the light, but given that he is currently undergoing Maggot's "programming," I don't hold my breath.

I'm happy with DD17.

DH thinks skids may come around in their mid to late twenties. I don't look forward to that time, as we've seen here, alienated skids never take full responsibility for their vitriol and "reunions" are nearly always full of tension and drama.

I will probably steer clear at that time and DH can reunite in a public location.

I've lost my patience for skid games.

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Amen!  I feel the same way about Chef's ferals.  They too have been PASed out beyond belief by the Gir, her family and even the remaining elements of Chef's family. 

Just waiting for the last one to get off the payroll...hopefully BEFORE he turns 21 over the next 3.5 yrs.

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I'm sorry you and your DH are going through this.  I can tell you are a sensitive. Intelligent person.  It is just a shame that some of these family dynamics are so hurtful and destructive.

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Thank you JRI.

I used to be a firm believer that all children are innocent. OSS15 has taken an enormous amount of time and energy to prove me wrong.

I now realize that MOST children are innocent, but SOME children are just plain evil and like to cause harm.

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’she was abusive, manipulative their whole marriage and no surprise anybody would want to divorce you with that unstable behaviour, going as far as to sabotage any pregnancy, even having an abortion in secret whilst married to hubby... 

then played innocent victim in court like she couldn’t understand why hubby would divorce her. Even 3 skids fell into her bs story-line. They were so pas’d out that they justified bio mum becoming a psycho and calling em a half naked christian whore as due to daddy divorcing her made her go crazy!! No your mum was always this way!!

hubby told eldest sd who was 22.5 not to selfishly think about her mum as hubby has been through hell and she hasn’t got a clue. Hubby didn’t want to do a smear campaign against bio mum and lay the facts before the kids, even hubbys family are hush2 and it truly has backfired. The sd’s especially still see bio mum as mother theresa

i told hubby our 2 kids will never want a relationship with their 3 half siblings who shun them, sds who believed bio mums lie that i was a half naked christian whore, were always rude disrespectful to me and our kids... they won’t want anything with them for saying daddy goes to witch drs to do black magic...

they funny thing now is bio mum realised her pas backfired because hubby has a stronger loving relationship with our 2 kids who are his bios and that hubby no longer was at exwifes every whim. She has 1 pathetic 14.5 yr old teenager so pas’d out that she is using this 1 minir kid as a means to extract whatever she wants from hubby via eldest sd. She makes it like this teenager needs more help through life than a 3 & 4.5 yr old who are not independent like a teenage or adult would be.

hubby is indefinitely supposed to pay $1000 per month to eldest sd who is 24.5 and been in fulltime employment since feb last year. We can never truly be a married couple with our own lives as long as his failed adults are not made to launch. Every yr its another excuse why she can’t be financially independent even though she lives rent free in one of hubbys home...

eldest sd started the smear campaign against me and our 2 kids to hubby late last yr the week after hubby told his 3 kids from exwife that he was withdrawing a large chunk of his retirement savings to buy a home in my country. Hubby did this so when he dies, i will not have to deal with a crazy exwife and 3 skids hellbent on disinheriting us when i currently have 2 young kids aged 2.5 and almost 4 at the time. Hubby knew if he didn’t protect us now, there was no choice but a divorce.

surprise2 sd suddenly is available for lunch with daddy, tells daddy a sob story how he abandoned her and her sis for me and our 2 kids!!! No dipshit!! You cut off contact with daddy 6.5 yrs prior, daddy wasn’t gonna hold his life for you and fell in love and had 2 young kids!! He was never required to and never felt he needed your permission to marry me and have kids because as his children, you do not have a say in daddys bedroom matters!!! That is something hubby still stands by... 

yup sob sob!!! Being such nasty bitches and arseholes whilst our 2 kids respect, love their dad unconditionally, its no surprise daddy has more affection for our 2. Skids only need daddy for money and favours and only then show temporary attention 

i have refused to be at any events or outings skids will be at.

right now i am in my Birth country a 5.5 hour flight away overseas from hubby because i am finishing my university studies and my daughter is in kindergarten here. We didn’t want them schooling in hubbys country as the standard is so much lower. Hubby knows when covid lockdown and travel restrictions ease significantly that i will not fly back to him and our marital home if ss is there. I spent 5 yrs of married life being abused and disrespected by him everyday he was in that home and he continued the same treatment to our kids and laughed when my kids cried. Hubbys sxcuse was he told ss off but he’s given up... 

weak husband refused to parent his skidult properly and expected me his wife to remain in such an unhealthy home with him...

when the time comes and hubby wants me and kids to fly back when travel is pretty much back to normal, ss22 can’t be there. I will not go back with him there!!! I haven’t been able to see hubby in almost 5 months...we won’t be able to see one another for a year at least when travel restrictions ease significantly and no more mandatory 2 week hotel quarrantine in my country and his its more like 1.5-2yrs... believe me with me effectively being a single mum finishing my university studies fulltime and 2 young kids and renovating our home, my threshold for stepcrap step anything is non existent!!

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"you abandoned us for SM" (TM) line.  HCGUBM playbook 2:45

(insert massive eyeroll)

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They do not see how they cut off contact (of their own choosing) you abandoned us for whore stepmum and have 2 kids with her to replace us... they forget the continual times hubby tried arranging meets only for them to cancel last minute or say not available or not have the guts to tell daddy, just tell ur brother who tells daddy the day before

hubby complained i was overseas at the time and had he known they would cancel he could have booked a trip to see us for $1000 but now tickets were all $3000.

i sarcastically told hubby “they cancel everytime, its a manipulative game to have you jump through hoops and you stupidly fall for it!! You have 3 people who actively miss you and want to spend time with you but you stupidly fall for them everytime and its your own fault for bailing on us for precious 1st family”

that hit hubby hard!!

when sd’s guilted hubby for marrying me and having 2 kids, i firmly disengaged fully from demonspawn and refused any meets. Never again wil li be around those arseholes... they can die as miserable lonely people

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There is only one first family: whoever the current president's family is.

Your husband's first family is you and your bios, because you are first as a family by law, by biblical standards, and should be by priority.

The other kids and their mom are the Failed Family or the Oops Family.

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sucks that society doesn’t often see it this way..

i remeber those early days when sd’s reinitiated contact and it was clear all those manipulative games they were doing to cause issues were at request of the exwife.. 

a stepmum here said whatever manipulative game skids and the exwife play, you play their game better!! Shut the shitshow down. It was a long road and took me about 1 yr to get it through hubby..

if we were to have another kid, skids wouldn’t be at the hospital especially sd’s whom I haven’t seen them in like almost 2 yrs. they are complete strangers so when hubby claims they are my daughters and i am their mum and they are my kids siblings, I tell hubby by name and title only they are half siblings but not in reality. I am not their mum because no child of mine will ever be raised to be a disrespectful dic*head!!

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It's true - though in many cases, the alienated parent does NOT ever get over it either, and the campaign to punish the ex for moving on is successful.  Some even commit suicide.

Our case is like yours - DH has pretty much given up on SS20, though he does mourn the loss of the little boy he thought had so much promise. I gave up on him long ago. We've been able to thrive and move on. SS, on the other hand, is just beginning a miserable life of challenges, thanks to BM.

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This is a blessing in disguise, as long as these skids graduate HS and CS eventually ends.

These kids will need DH when CS ends, because BM won't have any use for them then.


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views skids as MOTY trophies.  However they often insist skid move out after CS ends..