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Garden Lizard :(

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I am a feeling sad today, because my little pet garden lizard died last night.

He wandered too close to our campfire and burned his little feet one night, so I scooped him up and washed his feet and tail in an iodine/water mixture, then applied antibiotics. He stayed several days in Tupperware with holes in the lid on a heating pad atop a towel in my bedroom. It was warm and damp - perfect for a garden lizard.

He looked like he was getting better, and even ate some broccoli and drank water. I was planning on buying him a proper lizard cage today along with some meal worms, but when I woke up this morning, he was dead. I guess having four burned up feet is just too much for a little garden lizard.

I feel guilty, because I wonder how much he suffered, and if he would have suffered for less time if I hadn't tried to help him, or if I did the right thing... Sad


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Awwww, this is a real sad story and it is lovely that you tried to help the little guy.

All I can say is although he didn't live at least his last days were as pleasant and comfortable as possible, even if he was in pain.

I rescued a grey squirrel from drowning in my back garden once, he was so grateful the little bugger bite me when he had recovered and I had to go to A&E for a tetanise shot!

I think it is always worth helping an animal in distress, even if they don't make it or bite you for trying. Smile

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Aw, I'm sorry. Sad

Please don't beat yourself up, wondering if you did the right thing. You did what you did out of love, trying to save him. It's what anybody would do.

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I'm sorry Sad I used to raise baby birds that had been knocked from their nest and that mama bird didn't have interest in because kids had messed with them... or ones that had been attacked by cats. I lost a few and every time it was awful Sad

You did the right thing! The little guy got help and at the very least I'm sure you helped him get comfortable!

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Hey, woman,

We have a very large window in our living room and despite numerous dangling ornaments we use to avoid bird strikes, it happens with regularity. On many occasions, including yesterday, my DH has gathered up the unconscious bird, placed him in a padded box and put him in a warm, quiet area to avoid all stimuli.

Our junko, from yesterday, recovered consciousness after about 8 hours although still wobbly and with a small amount of blood around his beak. Happily, by bedtime he was much livelier and flew away instantly as soon as the box was opened.

DH has only lost one bird out of more than a dozen strikes over the years but we were both saddened by the death, last summer, of a beautiful downy woodpecker. However, best to think of the critters that survived their trauma rather than the one that died.

Your kindness to the little lizard reflects your overall personality, dear lady. I've read your blogs and am impressed at the care you've taken of your ungrateful stepdaughters. Please, stop feeling guilty about ANYTHING! Sometimes, being a good person is an invitation to selfish folks to USE you and that's happening far too often in your life.

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You all are so sweet. Thank you for your comments. It is hard to fight back tears while at work!

You are all right about not feeling guilty. I had thought it might be better for him to have a quick death via bird, but the more likely scenario is that he would have been eaten alive by red ants, and so you are all wise where I was temporarily blinded by the guilt of not being able to nurse him through his burns successfully.

Theoldrenhen, your last sentence is great. I read it a bunch of times and will try to remember that guilt is not good and leaves me open for misuse. Thank you.

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Hugs to you! You are very kind.
I always try to do for animals what I would want done for me. I’ve taken an injured pond frog to the vet (and was able to sl use him back to health), so absolutely understand.

Sadly some things just want to return to Mother Earth regardless is what we do.

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sending you hugs.....

but remember, it's a wild animal, not a pet.... mother nature was simply doing her thing. I may sound harsh but I really can't stand it when people take nature's children from their normal habitat to keep as a pet, it's simply not right. And it is very difficult to cure a wild animal