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Friday Fun

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Think about you and your DH, and HCBM, and any kids, as well as any other “players” in your life.

If you were all part of a movie or series TV show, what would be the name of your movie or show, who would play what parts, and what would the major theme be?


I think mine would be Spar Wars, because HCBM AND HCBD love to create drama and cause conflict out of nothing.

  • Me: Han Solo, because it seems like I have to sort through most of the drama and constantly rescue even from themselves.
  • DH: Chewbacca, because he is always by my side, ready to be my strong arm, and is loyal and likeminded.
  • DD15: Princess Leia because she can be demanding and picky, but will surprise us when it really counts by pulling through as a stronger girl than we thought.
  • OSS13: Annikin because he is smart and adventurous, but he is also evil and manipulative and will most likely grow up to be Darth Vader.
  • YSS9: C-3PO because he is always talking, will never shut up, and often makes fatal errors because he is too busy trying to get attention through conversation to pay attention to his surroundings.
  • HCBM: Jabba the Hut, because she is morbidly obese, viciously evil, but fails to see anything wrong with her lifestyle, and expects everyone around her to serve her.
  • HCBM’s live-in-BF: a nameless alien servant to Jabba, presumably brainwashed or just too weak-willed to escape.
  • HCBD: Dryden Vos (from the new Han Solo movie, which btw is one of the best movies I’ve seen in forever... not sure why the bad reviews), because he is an evil, self serving, sadistic, narcissist who surrounds himself with parties, and people who like and respect power and parties.
  • HCBD’s wife: Grand Migg Tarkin because she thinks she is a good and wonderful person who has done good and wonderful things, but she will destroy planets (children) to further her own agenda.

The major theme would be simple: the bad guys cause as much trouble as possible for the good guys as they serve only to further their own evil agendas. Meanwhile the good guys entire lives have been sucked into this unnecessary drama, and they are just trying to survive.






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Mine is The Exorcist. SD12 and SD14 are the possessed little girl. My DH is the priest who dies while trying to perform the exorcism, and I am the priest who exorcises the demon from them through making them accountable and having house rules. However, performing the exorcism is sucking out my will to live. 


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Fatal Attraction.  BM2 is the lead female.  Pretty self explanatory.

In regards to SS15 and DH babying him, I think Forrest Gump:

SS is Forrest because well he is different.

I'm Forrest's mother always encouraging and insisting he do his best.

DH is the principal of the school Forrest's mom sleeps with to get Forrest in the normal school because the principal insists her son is stupid and can't do anything.

Lol my life in two movies.  Shoot me.

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Hey Cooookies! Nice to see a familiar name lately. 

I can’t even imagine sneaking from theater to theater trying to catch two movies at once. No wonder the M&Ms keep getting “misplaced.” Lmao!

Fatal attraction scares me. Perhaps a concealed carry permit would prevent to cooking of any proverbial pet rabbits in your life...  :D