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All clear

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I do not have COVID-19. Yay. I actually am happy about this, but scared for all of us as a whole.

My symptoms were the result of being an asthmatic with an autoimmune disorder, breathing in the Saharan dust storm most of the day last Thursday (I did not read about the dust until the next day). So, yes, the Saharan dust storm actually caused a fever, cough, sore throat, and extreme fatigue in me.

I stayed in my bedroom all weekend with a HEPA air filter, and feel completely healthy now with zero symptoms. As a bonus, I finished my photo albums and most of a quilt I've been sewing on and off for well over a decade.

Ive cancelled my COVID-19 test to allow someone in greater need to access that time slot.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

It certainly was scary for DH and I to assume the worst for a couple of days.

To that effect, DH will still only be doing virtual visitation with skids.

When DD17 (who is currently in a very safe state) returns home to our very unsafe and stupid state at the end of the summer, she will also only be doing virtual visits with HCBD.

We will no longer be exposing our little family unit to the possible piss-poor quarantine choices of the "oops families."

DH and I will also be placing our greatest assets into a trust this summer to ensure that only DD17 will be heir to the major things, such as various properties, stocks, and Roth accounts, in case we pass away.

Skids will be set up with a nominal gift to let them know that we do care about them... but given that they couldn't care less about us, it will be simply a token and nothing significant.

Its an eye opener to even imagine for a day that you could be among the deatn stats.



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So glad to hear your good news!  Ive been thinking about you.  I hear what you are saying about the estate planning during this time.  I'm the trustee of my 97 yo mother's trust.  She is in long term care.  My brother, the successor trustee, is coming in town this week.  We have decided to rent a safe deposit box in both our names and move her important docs there.  That would allow him easy access in case something hapoened to me.  Im sure many families are doing estate work they they would normally delay.  But, glad for you!



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So pleased you don't have COVID.  Good that you are establishing strong boundaries regarding social distancing. 

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Thank you Kes. I do feel somewhat silly having gotten all worked up about it, but agree on the strong boundaries.

Although I very much would like Maggot to stay alive so I don't get stuck cleaning up her spawning mess, I would not put it past her for an instant to want me dead.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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Thank you my friend.

To be fair to DH, Maggot lied about social distancing and safety in her own home. Also, I did urge DH to see skids on Father's Day. I'm the numbskull. Lol

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Phew!! The dust has been reeking havoc on my allergies, too. We had a nice big thunderstorm last night and I feel so much better this morning! I hope you get some rain soon. It seems to help.

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So did you take a test? or are you just assuming that since symptoms have subsided and you think there could be another cause for them.  A lot of people are either asymptomatic.. or have very mild or fleeting symptoms... so I would have still gone to be tested just in case.  

It's good you feel better and  hopefully there was no covid to worry about for you.

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I just saw on the WEAR news page that a second round of the dust is headed for the Gulf Coast. I am 50 miles from Pcola. 

Be sade!

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Thank you all! I do feel silly for getting worked up.

Not at all excited here about that second round of dust. Looking from my windows and just seeing yellow haze all day is so yuck.

Amazon dropped off HEPA AC filters and we have one more HEPA air purifier arriving tomorrow for the living room.

I sure hope that 2021 makes up for 2020. Lol

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Gosh, plase don't feel silly. Your concerns were more than valid. I am happy and relieved for you. Take care. 

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But Im super glad that your symptoms went away.

Ive been thinking a LOT about things like life insurance, wills and power of attorney. Mainly because we have assets now.

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Please don't feel silly.  There is an honest to God pandemic happening.  It is not like you suddenly thought you had the plague out of the blue!  Very glad that it turned out to be a false alarm and that you are taking increased precautions.  My area - Mid-Atlantic - has had a decline and things are re-opening.  But now we are getting a spike because people are acting like it is all "back to normal."  It is far from over and you are smart to be taking it seriously.