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“If I die you risk raising the kids without me”

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...said the Maggot Queen today.

She has very much enjoyed DH's safety measures in not taking skids since late February. It fits her alienation agenda quite nicely.

But now that DH wants to see his kids this weekend, Maggot Queen is withholding them on account of her self-induced health issues making her more vulnerable to COVID-19.

...and yes, the title of this blog is a direct quote from one of her texts to DH.


I'm a bit stuck on this word.

Risk them getting better grades?

Risk them being allowed to play sports they want to play?

Risk them being healthier and growing in character?


Gosh, that would be *horrible*

The "risk" we would face is undoing nearly a decade of alienation and stomaching skids' grief/mourning over one of the worst human beings I've ever had the displeasure of being exposed to.



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Yeah - I'm torn. It would have been better for skids to be raised by us all along. At this point I think they are fully alienated and it has gelled.

So, we would be stuck with the nightmare she has created. It would be better for them in many ways, but ultimately too shocking for them to discover at such young ages that their entire lives (everything Maggot has taught them to believe) have been built upon lies.

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Getting them now would only bring you misery as their personalities, bad habits, and attitudes are set. 

She's ruined them. I pray MQ lives long enough to reap what she's sown and experience all the joys that come with failure to launch kids without the aid of cs. 

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Yes, it would be such a shame for the kids to be raised in a healthy, happy environment, where they could thrive.

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Maggot seems to think so. Lol. God forbid they don't have a steady diet of McDonald's and screen-time.

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His response:

"Here's hoping!"


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I told DH the only reason I care if Toxic Troll is alive is because I dont want the stress of being stuck with Feral Forger...


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There is only a risk that he will be raising the kids without her if she dies??? I would be concerned that if she dies there is a apparently a possibility that she will stick around somehow (zombified??) to "help" raise the kids with your DH.... that is a nightmare scenario..there is no way to escape her even after her death!

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LMAO. Oh no... Wouldn't want that... Heaven fobid the skids actually get to learn some Morals and INdepdences. *gasp*


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Lmao!!! I love you all.

You ALL made me laugh out loud with your completely understanding and humorous comments.

Is it sad for skids? Yes.

Laughter is the best medicine. Smile