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Stupid Denial

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So, if you've ever read my blogs or by chance remember some of my answers to posts, you know that my husband and I are best friends. We have an amazing relationship, and in addition to agreeing on nearly everything, we also enjoy mostly the same activities. We parent well together, are loyal (something my ex wasnt'), and will be married for life.

Importance of a will

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So, I haven’t been online for a bit as I’m reeling from recent events.

A very dear family member passed suddenly and unexpectedly. He left behind, his wife of over twenty years, and a wonderful, large family and extended family (well mostly wonderful).

ADHD drug dangers

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I had dinner with a friend last night, and she read some interesting articles about one thing in common that nearly ALL of the school shooters over the past 7-8 years had in common:

It has been verified that at LEAST 90% of school shooters were on a PRESCRIBED psychotropic serotonin reuptake inhibitor drug, most of them being for ADHD, with some for depression.

Why aren’t  these “medications” being banned?

Missed you all

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I'm not the type to typically miss anyone or any group of people - ever. However, I have to say that I missed all of you steptalkers this past weekend. Maybe I'm hooked to this site, or hooked to the sanity checks, or hooked to the feeling that I'm not alone bio/step world, but I for one, checked regularly to see when this site would be back up.



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Do you think it's possible that many stepmoms have PTSD, and even many other parents who have separated and are now dealing with HCex?

I've seen DH have full on panic attacks from stuff BM does that I can shrug off as crazy, but he has been through so much from her that he goes white and literally can't speak.
Also, I have been mentally shut down from all of the crap that DD's father has put her and us through. I know I'm not the only one to spend tens of thousands of dollars in family court due to the persistent psychotic craziness of a HCex.

Garden Lizard :(

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I am a feeling sad today, because my little pet garden lizard died last night.

He wandered too close to our campfire and burned his little feet one night, so I scooped him up and washed his feet and tail in an iodine/water mixture, then applied antibiotics. He stayed several days in Tupperware with holes in the lid on a heating pad atop a towel in my bedroom. It was warm and damp - perfect for a garden lizard.