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How would you feel about this statement?

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A few days ago, a STalker blogger about her skids (now grown) for whom she did everything. She was then later cut off and SD told her "You were always trying to be better than my mom!"

This hit home for me.

OSS14 has yo-yo'd emotionally over the years, and one reason is that while he enjoyed my superior mothering, he also resented that I was a better mother than BM.

When Skids are not Alienated

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I got to see tonight, first hand what it looks like when skids are not alienated.

A friend came over with his daughter and his SO of a few years now also brought her son.

The two kids played so nicely together! The SO told me that her son often asks when his stepsister is coming because he loves playing with her. It was really nice to see.

Turning to the Darkside

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YSS11, who has always been the more "normal" of my two skids, has suddenly decided to become evil.

He was the one who, up until two weeks ago, tried hard to please. I taught him how to walk, run, ride a bike, ABCs, read, not be afraid of the water, swim, play soccer, cook, give gifts (not be selfish) and more. DH has taught him how to use the toilet, fossil hunt, snorkel, rope climb, use tools, roll a sleeping bag, pitch a tent, and more.

To the false prophet

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I'm guessing that offensive post was taken down while I wrote this reply?

THIS must be said:

You are taking many biblical passages out of context.

Jesus tore apart a temple in a fit of rage due to the material-loving, money-hungry marketplace that had taken over.

The bible also teaches us to use discernment.

Matthew 7:6 - Do not throw your pearls to swine

Matthew 10:16 - Behold, I send you out as sheep among wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves

“Dying” HCBM

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Well, I’ve been mostly absent for quite some time, but an email recently from a STalk friend prompted me to put out an update blog. Why did an email prompt a blog from me? Well, I’ve learned that I’m not the only one at STalk with a STalker (pun intended), and I’ve also learned that I’m missed here, so although I can’t go back to everyday comments as I actually have enjoyed less negativity the past few months, I shouldn’t be wholeheartedly MIA either.

Reasons to leave Domestic Violence

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It is common knowledge that many of us have been victims/survivors of domestic violence.

Do you remember what the point was, or what someone else said to you that finally convinced you that your abuser’s actions toward you are not ok, and that you should leave?

For me, it was my abuser showing a lack of disregard for my child that prompted me to leave (I don’t care what you do to me, but don’t mess with my kid). It was only after I left that I gained the self esteem necessary to not tolerate abuse from anyone anymore.


Pass the tissues please

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I broke the cardinal rule of disengagement on the last skid weekend:

YSS said that he and OSS received flu shots earlier in the week. YSS seemed a little down in the dumps (slightly sick) so thinking that it was a reaction to the flu shot, and therefore non-communicable, I cared for him all weekend long. DH has his hands full with OSS who is failing school and constantly lying about homework).