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OT - stimulus check for child support arrears

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This is off topic, but I know some of us here in addition to being SM's also have biochildren from a previous relationship.

HCBD in my case owes $17,000 in arrears when he decided to just stop paying child support for three years and take expensive vacations every month with his wife instead (lol - I know it's ridiculous... a whoooole other story).

All clear

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I do not have COVID-19. Yay. I actually am happy about this, but scared for all of us as a whole.

My symptoms were the result of being an asthmatic with an autoimmune disorder, breathing in the Saharan dust storm most of the day last Thursday (I did not read about the dust until the next day). So, yes, the Saharan dust storm actually caused a fever, cough, sore throat, and extreme fatigue in me.

Testing for COVID-19

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Well lo and behold.

DH and I have been doing an A+ job of social distancing and quarantining.

We have only rarely left the house for essential items.

Buuuut... skids visited on Father's Day, and guess who has been traipsing around town, without masks, and without a care in the world?

Yep. Maggot and sons.

So yesterday, I came down with symptoms.

Now, I have to go get tested for COVID-19.

Maggot Logic

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So Maggot is once again trying to move skids farther away from DH.

She has successfully completely alienated them against him (and me) over the past 9 years.

DH is planning on letting her move. He just has to go to court to protect himself (prevent Maggot from ever moving out of state or from ever being able to somehow get more money from him).

Nailed it with OSS15

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So last autumn, I deduced that OSS15 has been passive aggressively waiting around for me to attempt an in-depth conversation with him about ANYTHING so that he could turn it around on, play victim, and gaslight me.

Months went by where OSS15 would "lurk" around DH anytime I was also around, and where he would look at me like I'm nuts whenever I said the most simple of things, like "dinner is ready."

I was starting to suspect that maybe I had unfairly misjudged him or made unfairly negative speculations about him. In other words, I began to doubt my instincts.

Father’s Day

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It's here again steppers! Father's Day.

My skids have never once recognized DH on Father's Day in 9 years.

This year though, the Maggot wants to move 2 more hours away so she live with her brother (like the elderly couple in 8 Crazy Nights). He somehow scammed his way into a large house one block from the beach, and skids are excited. Who cares if it's in a drug infested town, right?

So Maggot already forced skids to actually recognize DH's birthday for the first time in history.

5th Grade Graduation and “Harvard”

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Seriously. wth

When did moving from 5th to 6th grade become a celebratory event?

Isn't it expected?

An 8th grade graduation at least has roots in the past, when high school used to be optional and considered "higher education."

The Maggot asked DH if he would be attending YSS' "5th grade graduation drive-by" last week.

She has been saying a lot of creeper, wierd things via text to DH lately, which he just ignores.

Chapter 15 of the Skid Handbook

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So if you've followed the horror trail of Maggot and skids' insertion into my life over my almost 4 years here, you will recall the immeasurable number of insane situations DH and I have had to deal with. From PAS to Munchaussen by Proxy to attempts to frame me or DD as "wrong/bad/fill in the blank with Maggot's latest attack word...

This is our first skid weekend since February (we locked down).

Skids are being great to DH! They wished him a happy birthday and they both, for the first time in their lives, actually gave DH a gift. YSS even hugged him goodnight.

OT Part (4?) Favoritism

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I have made more realizations and am a little late on this update (my apologies!).

I actually had a great conversation with my sister on Mother's Day. I still don't fully trust her motives, but this could be a first step towards a better relationship.

Apparently my folks were supposed to be visiting her in AK right now. They canceled their trip and my sister commented that she didn't really want them coming anyway because our mother always gets sick on the flight. This is something our mother denies to both of us separately.

“If I die you risk raising the kids without me”

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...said the Maggot Queen today.

She has very much enjoyed DH's safety measures in not taking skids since late February. It fits her alienation agenda quite nicely.

But now that DH wants to see his kids this weekend, Maggot Queen is withholding them on account of her self-induced health issues making her more vulnerable to COVID-19.

...and yes, the title of this blog is a direct quote from one of her texts to DH.


I'm a bit stuck on this word.

Risk them getting better grades?

Risk them being allowed to play sports they want to play?