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OT - lifelong favoritism

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I texted my mother yesterday morning, asking her a question as part of a conversation she started.

My parents stay busy playing a card game with friends, through clubs, and when the world isn't in quarantine- at tournaments. So she replied that she was in a lesson and would get back to me.

No problem. This is normal for her.

The Dark Eyed Glare

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What is up with it?

YSS11 does the evil/psychotic looking dark eyed glare whenever he is in trouble for doing something really a-holish. 
When he does it, his eyes become matte black and the sockets darken. His face loses color and some of his blood vessels become visible on his face. He goes mute.

Well, at work yesterday, one of my coworkers gave me the same. darn. look. Blood vessels and all... I had never seen and adult do the Dark Eyed Glare until yesterday.


STalk trend?

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Within the past year or so, it seems as if STalk went from being mostly populated by SMS who have decent spouses but the spouse might be a Disney parent, or might kowtow to BM a bit... to a place where we are now mostly populated by SMs in ABUSIVE marriages or relationships!

Is this a generational thing? Are younger adults simply more abusive to each other? Or are more people not recognizing signs of abuse and simply think it's step-life?


Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

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Another skid weekend come and gone where skids lay in bed all weekend long on their phones. OSS15 doesn't even get up to feed himself unless the servants ... oops I mean DH or I have prepared a meal.

Talk about entitlement...

This weekend was just slightly more insulting than usual because DH and I are both sick and have really nasty coughs that I know can be heard throughout the house.

Do you think either skid even cared to ask about our health? If you said "nope," then winner winner chicken dinner!

How would you feel about this statement?

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A few days ago, a STalker blogger about her skids (now grown) for whom she did everything. She was then later cut off and SD told her "You were always trying to be better than my mom!"

This hit home for me.

OSS14 has yo-yo'd emotionally over the years, and one reason is that while he enjoyed my superior mothering, he also resented that I was a better mother than BM.

When Skids are not Alienated

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I got to see tonight, first hand what it looks like when skids are not alienated.

A friend came over with his daughter and his SO of a few years now also brought her son.

The two kids played so nicely together! The SO told me that her son often asks when his stepsister is coming because he loves playing with her. It was really nice to see.

Turning to the Darkside

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YSS11, who has always been the more "normal" of my two skids, has suddenly decided to become evil.

He was the one who, up until two weeks ago, tried hard to please. I taught him how to walk, run, ride a bike, ABCs, read, not be afraid of the water, swim, play soccer, cook, give gifts (not be selfish) and more. DH has taught him how to use the toilet, fossil hunt, snorkel, rope climb, use tools, roll a sleeping bag, pitch a tent, and more.