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One more-OT-Panic

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sorry for blog hogging but posting about DH doctor issues reminded me of my issues...I was doing SO well dammit.

My follow up appointment with the doctor that did the ultrasound/antibiotics/etc isn't until the 28th.  I finished the hellish two week antibiotic treatment on I think the 8th.

My follow up appointment isn't until the 28th because that was the first day said doctor had available.

clinic not acknowledging other parent?

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Curious about this because I didn't think this would be an issue.  SS has been going to the same clinic and dental office since he was born.  DH and BM split when SS was 3 (I think).  BM had SS enrolled on state healthcare and had little to no out of pocket expenses.  When DH got a job with benefits and took BM to court to establish his rights, the judge ordered DH to cover SS on his health insurance and set forth terms in how bills would be split, etc. 

OT- Porn addiction?

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Before all of you jump on the "leave him already!" bandwagon, I get it.  I know. I'm saving and trying to find places and setting up showings for apartments.  But this has caught me off guard, once again it's about DH.

Last month I was diagnosed with PID.  Before this, DH and I did not have a normal sex life.  I was lucky if it was twice a month if even, we have gone months before with nothing.  Since the diagnosis, DH hasn't said much other than "when's your next appointment?" and has overall been incredibly selfish about this entire thing.

I was right, crap weekend

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SO last Thursday DH was over an hour late coming home from dropping off SS because BM wanted to talk to DH about a "walk in" appointment for SS that Friday (non skid weekend).  SS and DH were at his grandparents for "game night" (4 hour visitation day) and SS complained to DH that his "tummy hurt" and had been hurting for over two weeks.  DH schedules time to talk to BM at drop off and spends a 1/2 hour talking to her about SS 'pains' and she tells him they can go to a walk-in appointment at 1 p.m the next day...  DH is concerned because SS usually doesn't come to him with these things, so

Please Go

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Despite me feeling nauseous aaaalll week long (7.5 days of these crappy antibiotics to go) DH thought it would be a great idea to go visit some friends of ours that live over an hour away for the weekend.  We have SS this weekend and our friends have her 3 kids this weekend so they want to have a play date. Since they live so far away we usually stay in the guest room and make a weekend out of it. 

I don't want to go.  Normally I would.