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SD's Xmas play- Poll on my outfit

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SD12 is the Grinch in her play on Friday. She has the costume ready to go and is excited. She has front row seats for DH and me. I assume BM, baby daddy, and BM's parents are coming- BM's toddler should be in daycare.

I want suggestions on what's appropriate to wear. It is casual but I want to look nice (and better than BM }:) she makes DH out to be an absentee father which isn't true ). The options are:

Black and white checkered flannel shirt that flares at the bottom with black jeans and black flats or boots.


A nice sweater with black slacks and black flats?


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I'll have to try them both on Friday! I'm working until noon then the play is at 2 so I'll pick DH up on the way to her school.

I won't have to try super hard- BM's wrinkles make her look 10 years older than she is and she's already 10 years older than me.

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I say a nice sweater with black pants. Spend a little extra time on make-up and hair. I am sure you will look gorgeous! Enjoy the play.

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Thank you I'm excited! I know SD will have fun. I'm going to rubber rod curl my hair the night before so I have bouncy curls!

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I'm thinking simple and professional will look better, too. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard but I want to look well put together and represent DH and SD in a good way.

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The first option. You are attending a school play, not working in the office.

I don't think that outfit seems like trying too hard at all.

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Ok ok I was thinking more "casual" may be the way to go. I also have a dress my mom gave me but it's an "old lady" dress and I haven't even tried it so that may be an option lol

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Thank you. I am thicker than BM but she's also overly skinny due to being a heavy smoker and caffeine addict. I have put on 10 lbs so I'm a little self conscious. She also had a boob job after SD and I'm au naturale. GBM is also stick thin so DH and I look like giants around everyone else!!

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I think the first outfit sounds cuter but I have really been into plaid/flannel lately. It's a little too dressed down for my office so I wear it whenever I can.

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It's really modest- 3/4 sleeve and it buttons all the way up so zero cleavage shows. I'd wear it with tights but it's not quiiiiite long enough for that. I just want an excuse to wear my fancy boots lol

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Ya, I always struggle with "is this a shirt or a tunic?" Sometimes I push the limits but usually on nights DH and go out.

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Well if you want to wear the fancy boots, that's what you should wear! You'll have a nice spring in your step that will make the whole outfit look good!

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I hope so! I've only worn them once since I rarely dress up and don't have a reason to wear them.

To moving on: I live for tights and tunics!!

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I pretty much wearing the one that says "without the tank underneath" but with leggings and black boots. I was out sick yesterday and it was the most comfortable outfit I could come up with.

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I love these! I'm self conscious in my jeans because they're fitting tighter and my muffin top shows, but if I wear my checkered blouse with them I have that "pregnant" look. Blah.

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Yes!!! Wanna help me redo my wardrobe?!?! These are adorable!!! I love dogs, you should do one of these (or something similar)

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I bet you look fantastic! I love that look. For me being comfortable is priority, but nobody said comfort = frumpy Biggrin

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I work in scrubs lol I have about an hour to choose an outfit so I'll see what I feel most comfortable in. Thank you!