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SD came over today

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I am working a 12 hour shift so I didn't have to see her, thank goodness. But BM's boyfriend dropped her off at 930 and BM picked her up right before 5. BM then texted DH this morning and said they could "talk" about him seeing SD tomorrow. I don't remember what the CO says about Xmas Eve and day but I told DH it's all just a game.

First BM claims that she was told to keep SD away if she felt he was a danger now she suddenly didn't need to talk when she picked SD up today. I just had to know before I got home. We are going to my dad's when I get off at 7 tomorrow so I'm praying DH sees SD during the day when I'm working. And it was SD who texted DH from BM's phone to ask to come over today. DH said BM didn't want to talk at pickup today so whatever. She's been texting him all week saying they "need to talk" but nothing when they're face to face.


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I mean... I hate it. But, is this cool down in the flames of hell due to Christmas and SD wanting gifts? Or do you and/or your husband think it is genuine?

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I'm sure DH thinks it is. When I asked him if SD was telling people he punched holes in the wall he said he hadn't heard anything. He is sounding like Binky's (Daenerys') husband with the "I just want to see my kid" line and not confronting SD. I don't doubt SD wants to see DH but I'll still never feel the same about her.

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OT I wonder how she is doing; haven't seen her in a while. 

Yeah... I don't blame you. I wouldn't be interested in having her around either. I hope you (and your husband) get some kind of positive closure from cps soon. And hopefully your husband doesn't follow Binky's husband"s bullcrap. More hope that sd has learned a lesson... but typically once this kind of crap starts, it becomes a tool in getting their way - especially when the behavior is swept under the rug. 

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Skid Gift Grab (TM)

"sorry, SD...CPS would have to investigate the gift we were going to get you before all this started so we both agreed no presents" (bonus flair: other than this joint compound to fix the hole your dad punched in the wall.).

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My guess is that BM knows full well that if this returns to court, she would look bad for keeping SD away from DH on Christmas, especially when CPS says they didn't tell her to, and in the absence of any real danger.

Having a skid who goes in and out of total alienation, I know that it's hard even for my DH, who is no one's idea of a Disney Dad, not to be a little nervous about losing him entirely. That's all part of the control the alienating parent wants to exert on the situation, so it's not easy just to immediately confront them (nor is it a good idea).

I know you don't want her around (I don't want my SS around either), but she is your DH's kid, so he's going struggle with his fear of losing her.