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OT school shooting threats

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Multiple high schools in my area have received threats in the form of public social media posts saying that someone (nonspecific so far) will be opening fire at X school at Y time in Z building and some are just basic threats for a certain school.

People aren't sending their kids to school and Facebook is flooding with warnings. I had a good day today but now I am physically sick to my stomach.

Sorry to be a blog hog but I am so upset and disappointed with the world we live in.


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I would beat the snot out of my kid for doing that, even as a joke, and I don't advocate child abuse. Of course, I'd think that I'd raised my child better than that.

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I think his parents might have. They raided his house with the swat team. It was bad but he is back in school.

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We had someone send in a gun threat to my sibling's school... We're talking SWAT was sent in (if they didn't I would have been there, he!! no you don't threaten my siblings), and the kid was tried as an adult for "terrorist threats." So yes. There can be. It's just a lot of the time they choose not to because "just a kid." But imho, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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That is such a relief! My kid wouldn't need to be punished legally if I got ahold of him/her first. It just makes my blood boil and I am anxious now.

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It happened in my area and two teens (15 & 16 year olds) were arrested for making such a threat and bragging about their arsenal. A with 39 year old man who evidently "owned" the arsenal was also arrested. The good thing is that fellow students heard them making threats and bragging and the local sheriffs office acted on a report of that bragging. So sad, and worrisome. What have we done to ourselves?

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Thank goodness! If I were a parent I'd be horrified to send my child to school. I pray every single day for protection for every child and for something to change.

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our local schools are also on high alert with a strong police presence after a threat was made either last night or this morning. it's sickening.

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At least a police presence is a deterrent but what gives these people the right to incite fear in families and CHILDREN??!

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Maybe if the media would stop glorifying this crap, it would stop. I remember back in the day, when Anthrax threats were all the talk. We'd have kids at school bringing envelopes of baby powder and stupid crap in and throwing them in the hall and saying it was "Anthrax" causing evacuations, stress etc. But then the media moved on to the next "big thing" and that stopped.

The media is seriously like the trolls we see around here. Incessantly poking the bear... and the sheeple of this country and going right along with it.. posting and passing fake crap around social media, talking and fighting and debating about everything... which is EXACLTY what they want. So sick of it. I wish people would smarten up and take the power away from these trolls. Sad

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You're complete right. I'm just sick of people trying to instill fear or "get a rise" out of the public. It is NOT ok to do with all of the tragedy that's already happened.

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I am so sorry for children and parents affected by this. I can not imagine living in a society like this - being afraid of a school shooting or similar.

I am so grateful this is not something I worry about for my son. (You hurt my son, I swear I will kill you...)