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OT- everyone trying to name my baby

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I am not even 12 weeks so we obviously don't know the gender and everyone we've told (we aren't sharing on Facebook) is asking what names we have and giving suggestions. DH says to ignore them because it's not their kid and their opinions don't matter but my SIL is giving me sh*tty names everyday and input on my girl names. She literally asked if I've considered Harry Potter names. Major facepalm. We have two girl names we love but haven't considered boy names yet until we know for sure- we're hopeful for a girl.

And get this: SD suggested Hermes, Apollo, Hades, Aries, Poseidon and some other strange Greek god name if it's a boy. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off. I told her she can name her next pet one of those names.

If it is a boy, the middle name is 100% Joseph after my dad and if it's a girl, the middle name will be Grace because SD's middle name is Faith. Most of the girls in my family have Marie as their middle name, including me, so DH wants to do something different and his girls would be 'Faith' and 'Grace'. SD is actually excited which was surprising to me but I am grateful.

As an aside, I was so shocked that there was a real human in there on the scan on Monday! Besides the nausea and fatigue, this is still so surreal to me. Baby is measuring perfectly and we go back next Monday to get the neck measurements for genetic testing since baby was too small at 11 and 3.


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Just frankly tell them, "That name sucks! We already have names chosen and 'Harry' is not one of them."

Anyone bold enough to name your baby can take a little honesty from you Smile

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Awww.... I always loved the names... Just kidding Wink

I remember saying, "oh, that's nice, I will put it on the list of possibilities". With my daughter we said that we were going to wait to see her before naming her just to be sure that it suited her. That way no one could have an opinion. 

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Tell SD you're naming the baby "SD's First Name" Ann/John.

Or respond with "Brock Lee" or "Polly Esther" each time, or "Save those names for your kids."

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I know someone that just named their baby Axton. They call him Ax. I can't help but laugh everytime I hear him mentioned. It just sounds ridiculous to me. Then again I wanted to name my son Brak but his father woudn't let me. 

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Picking the name of your child is up to you and your husband. Sometimes people can over step in cases like these. They may mean no harm.Although Gimlet and Aniki's names are priceless. I am so glad you are feeling well.

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People can suggest names from now until the baby is born, it just doesn't matter. They are not the parents and will not be doing the naming. Just ignore.

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I really should just start having fun with people and telling them baby boy will be Melvin or Keith or Seymour lol SIL told me one of my girl names isn't a "woman's name" and she prefers the other one. She also asked if she could "help" with names and I just ignored her but she keeps giving me suggestions! 

I know she and BIL have baby fever and this isn't helping, but frankly, she's obsessed with me now. She asks about my symptoms and is already talking about a shower.. It's just overwhelming because I am barely getting used to the pregnancy and even my mom is pressuring me into telling cousins/ aunts in other states about it even though I rarely talk to them except the occasional Facebook message and I haven't seen them in over 20 years. Ugh. Only 6 more months.

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How about Seymour Johnson? Wink

Start giving her furbaby names: Spot, Fluffy, Killer, Tiger... If you refuse to have a serious discussion with these people, they might stop.

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My oldest was Okra Seed and my youngest was Fa Shizzle My Nizzle  until they were born. Okra Seed became Bubba until he went to kindergarten, at which point it embarrassed him (He was the gentle giant). We called the youngest Nizzle for years. We got some odd looks as we are white folks living in the South...but my dearest friend was the one who nicknamed him.

We found out 2 years ago that my toxic MIL was wounded over our oldest's original name. We were told he was going to be a girl. We chose the first name together, and used the middle name of DH's father's first wife who died of  brain tumor while pregnant.

We did not have a boy name picked at all. We named him for my father and DH's best friend who became the godfather. My brother got mad, stating that I stole his future son's name (He wasn't married or expecting a kid at the time). He had also been the first to have a son and they did not use any of the family names.

One thing to consider....initials. My poor SD's initials spell out OBS.....

Enjoy your pregnancy, and give that baby a glorious name!

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Unfortunately, from what I understand, you are just starting to get a dose of the unsolicited advice that people feel so compelled to force upon expectant mothers.  I think that a slight smile and "I will take that under advisement" might be in order.  Or.. We already have a name but are keeping it secret until the time comes.

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Personally, I'd go with  "I will take that under advisement". That "secret" business is irresistable to nosy poop heads who are just dying to be THE one who knows!

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Soon everyone will start telling you their disgusting birth stories. “I was in labor for 172 hours and then they finally gave me an epidural. Then I got cut all the way open because baby’s head was so big. But once they placed that little bundle in my arms I forgot everything... until now, as I scare you, first time mother!” 

My go-to line for everything pregnancy related was “Ugh! Gross!!!” You could even say that when they offer names. ;) 

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People are just nosy busybodies and they suck. But it won't stop.

DH and I have enjoyed suggesting names to SD, but they were never serious names and she knew we were just being silly with her. Chucky Cheezwiz was not on her list for actual consideration, but she did laugh. . 

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People are just excited for you.  Why make this a big deal?  Either say, "Not feeling that name" or "That's pretty.  I will have to share it with Hubby."

The name game is harmless.  I suggest you keep the name you pick out for the child to yourself until you have named him/her.  Otherwise people will tell you a hundred reasons why they hate that name.

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My sister is 13 weeks along and she's calls the baby Helga.....LOL

I didn't mind people suggesting names, it kinda cracked me up, and it wasn't like they actually had any say.

BTW.....congrats :) 

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Meh…I don’t think people do it to be intrusive or annoying.  People get excited about pregnant women.   I suppose it is better than people just ignoring the fact that you are pregnant. 


Just chill and enjoy the attention and being pregnant.