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I feel myself going crazy

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I went to pick up SS13 this morning from a sleep over. Yesterday was BM's day so i figured either her or her fiance took him, so i texted her to ask her for the address. She told me she didn't know it and that SS13 said he would call dad with the address. No call. So i'm thinking how did he get there? Well fortunately i picked up SD10 (and SS6) before from BM's and she knew where he lived. I asked her how he got there and sure enough BM's fiance took him. So I have no idea why she couldn't just ask him, and why she doesn't have a problem with not knowing where her son is. So i made sure to go in and meet this friend's parents. So the friend's mom says "thanks for coming" and he says "your welcome"!!? Why aren't kids learning manners these days? It's not even our kids! I have told him before and told him again "When you go to someone's house you tell them thanks for having you over. They shouldn't be thanking you for eating their food, giving them a headache, trashing their house!" Then what started off my mood this morning was SS6 coming up to the car chewing gum... we don't allow SS6 to chew gum at our house because it never fails, it ends up out of his mouth and i swear ALWAYS in the WORST place, such as in the bottom plastic piece on the string for the blinds. So i told him to spit it out, and he does. Then he gets in the car and tells me he didn't have breakfast! Now I understand SS13 not having breakfast as all the boys were still sleeping, and the friend's mom was cooking for 11 of them. It was 10:00! If he had time to be chewing gum he should have been eating! It's too late to feed him now because he won't eat lunch otherwise! What was BM doing that was so important that she could feed SD10 but not SS6? I wish i had names for them but Crayon's Droopy is so fitting for SS13.


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I'm sorry your day got off to such a bad start. Having any contact with BM would do that to me as well. I hope the rest of your day goes better.

But I have a kind of funny gum story. We do allow SS5 to chew gum at our house, normally it stays in his mouth until it goes in the trash.

Recently, SD10 had a sleepover for her birthday party. SS5 and SD7 were there along with 4 of SD10s friends. They were all in the living room playing SingStar, a playstation game where you can sing and two were singing and all the rest of the kids were dancing around in a totally crazy free for all, just having a great time. Well, SS5's gum flew out of his mouth during the melee and ended up in one poor girl's hair. LOL.

I kind of got to have a mom moment though getting it out. Both SD's were like "Get the scissors" because that's how their lazy mom always handles gum in hair. I said "No, get the peanut butter." And I asked the little girl, how does you mom get gum out of your hair and she said "peanut butter." The other three little girls agreed.
So SDs got to see SM knows a thing or two about mothering BM doesn't. Smile

As for another nickname, instead of Droopy. I bet Baby Huey would be appropriate. Check it out.

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I saw where that story was going after you said funny gum story and it got to sleepover. I have never heard of peanut butter lol, but i'll be the first to admit my mom is one of those lazy parents Smile SS6 has come home SO MANY TIMES with gum in his hair that has been there for the whole week he was at BM's until he came to our house and i just cut it out because i tell him "well now you're going to look silly with a chunk of hair missing because you fell asleep with gum! now you know why we have that rule over here huh?" every time he says yes but it happens again somehow. He has short hair anyway though so you can't really tell, but i keep hoping he'll get it through his head.

On the subject of nicknames i found a nickname that unfortunately fits SD10 but i love her to death so i couldn't call her it, but if anyone else wants to use it, it's up for grabs. ASS (Attention seeking syndrome).

"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege"