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cell phone passcode

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We didn't get our daughter (my stepdaughter) for about 2 1/2-3 weeks due to the quarantine. We decided that letting her stay at her mother's was best due to not wanting to expose her. I then found out that my friend was still getting her stepdaughter and talked to my husband about this. Her mother (surprisingly) agreed to letting us take her for a month. When she first got here, i found out that there was a pin on her cellphone (reminder: she is 12 and doesn't need it).

christmas surprise

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my husband and i were talking about how the holidays happen at his family's house since my family lives far away. he was telling me how they have christmas eve at his dads and christmas morning at his moms since they have been divorced for quite some time now. he then goes on to tell me that his ex (the bm) will be at christmas. so i told him i didnt want her there and so we talked to all the appropriate people and they were all ok with it. we tell the bm and she gets all upset. she should've known that things would change when he got together with someone new. he feels bad and i don't.