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So this morning dh asks....

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if I can stop by the school on my way to work to bring ss14 some shorts. Why? is my response. Dh said he had something on his shorts that he didnt notice until he was leaving. I, of course, being curious by nature said, "Well, what was it?". Dh says, "He said it looked like shit". Biggrin

I paused for a moment-and said, "no, I dont think I can do that". "I've never in my life taken anything to any of my own kids to school and so no, I cant do that". I've always been very particular about not taking stuff to my kids (homework, lunch, etc)because doing without or figuring out a solution on their own is what helps them be more responsible in the future. They rarely forget anything anymore.

But of course the bigger issue is why is there shit on his shorts? The kid was ready 30 minutes before the bus came. Did he have shit on his shorts the whole time and not notice? If there was shit on his shorts whose was it? His? The dog's?

I know the kid is ultimately going to blame me here. The laundry that had piled up in his room-like the 10 loads we tried to get him to do for weeks? I finally took all of his clothes and put them in the garage and told him he could have them back when he finished the towels and blankets. The kid never finished the towels or blankets. Even with multiple promptings by myself and dh. Even after being told he couldnt have his wet clothes back until he finished them. I ended up finishing the blankets myself. His wet clothes have been sitting in our garage for a week. He has not even asked for them back or even said, "hey, i'm sorry I didnt finish the things you told me but do you mind if I go ahead and finish my clothes? I'll try to keep up on my stuff better"-since that time he has amassed another pile of towels and blankets in his room. Which of course he is not washing that either. What is wrong with this freaking kid? He defies every other thing I tell him to do-breaks every rule-but I know he is going to tell dh that he had no choice but to wear shit stained shorts because I wouldnt give him his clothes back. Even though he knows exactly where those clothes are at and hasnt bothered to finish washing them or wash anything else.


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Yea...I don't think so either.

Kids do not get to decide what they will do and not do in my home...even my SD never challenged that.

Throw his clothes in the front yard as a reminder. And if DH gives you any lip...smack him.

In general, most people give themselves a once over in the mirror prior to leaving the house...they also plan for clean clothes. If he cannot do this...time to start.