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I have a feeling the shite is going to hit the fan come Friday...

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So bm called a month ago requesting to take ss14, along with 2 of his friends, for the entire weekend so she can rent someplace and throw ss a big bday bash. First of all this woman has not even seen her kid in 3 months. She pays no child support. This was only the second time in 3 months that she's even talked to her kid. The first time was initiated by dh. She has seen him 3 times in the past year or so. She only lives an hour away.

So dh never really gave her an answer. He said he just wasnt sure at that time what would be going on a month from now and that was that. Of course she got on the phone with ss14 and told him how she was going to get him and have this party and blah, blah, blah.

She called about 2 weeks ago, I guess, and asked to speak to ss. She again told ss all about the party she is having for him and blah, blah, blah. Well, by this point dh and I had already decided that WE were having a party for ss that weekend. The reasons are many that we do not want him going down there and valid we believe. But since bm didnt speak to dh he never told her it was a no go.

So now it is already Tuesday-she is expecting to come down here on Friday and pick this kid and some friends up. Now, again, dh never told her she could do this, but she will assume that he is ok with it because he never said she couldnt. Ironically, dh nor ss will even be home Friday evening as ss had a field trip 3 hours away that day and they will not be back until like 10pm. I have already told him he needs to get a hold of her and let her know that she cant get him. I know he hasnt yet. I am just envisioning her showing up and asking ME where he is. I think I may have plans that night as well. I better go make some!


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He needs to email her or txt her and tell her No. He didn't say yes and he didn't say no either. Now he needs to make it clear. It's not the skids job to tell her.

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That would be quite amusing to me! Make it obvious you are home, just don't answer the door. God I am feeling evil today! lol

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He avoids confrontation. He does not like to hear bm's bitchy mouth.

oh, and I've tried in the past to not open the door to her. She called the police. Which of course I did not get in any trouble (she arrived hours late for visitation and our court order specified that she had a 30 minute leeway on pickup times unless she called to arrange something else-no call, no visit), but just the drama of it all was a pain in my arse.

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I am sure it was a pain in the ass but I bet it would be funny to tell the cops that no arrangement was ever made and the kid isn't even home. Plus, she would be sooooo pissed.

Popcorn, cookie dough and wine!

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I agree-but I really feel as if she tried to set us up-by telling ss all about it and trying to get him excited to go. What he really needs is a mother not a party planner, but she doesnt want that job.

SS is ok with not going as i think he grasps that his new friends wouldnt be able to go, but I dont think he necessarily wants to tell her that he's not going. even though he's 14 the plans still need to be discussed between the parents-especially in this case since there is no regular visitiation and the court order is completely ignored by both parties.

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A party where she'll try and be MOMMA OF THE DECADE and probably let the kids get drunk and shit. Please, tell your DH to text this nut and not let her waste a trip to your house.