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OT-update on MIL with "cancer"...

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Well, I thought we would have heard more by now, but not much. DH told me he called his mother and basically she told him that she'd be traveling to see his sister a few days before mother's day...hmmm...again, nothing new since she always goes to see her for mother's day or her daughter comes to visit her.

When DH asked her about the "cancer" she said, "well, I went to a get some natural remedies, but really, you have to die someday anyway and you have to die of something, so I guess this is what I'll die of." Huh? Yep, you heard that right. That was it. Nothing else. Honestly, it seems strange because I have NEVER met someone diagnosed with cancer with that attitude, MUCH LESS a woman who is always telling her sob stories about how she is sick so that people feel sorry for her, a woman who normally cries about ANYTHING...

I asked DH what he thought and he said, "honestly, if she doesn't care, oh well..."

PS - the other brother still doesn't "know"

Maybe it's true, but honestly, I would think that as big a baby as she is about EVERYTHING she would be flipping out! Heck, when we lived in her backyard she was always going out and then telling us to make sure we fed HER HUSBAND and all that, now you are dying, you don't know when or how long, it's liver cancer and you aren't making any plans about anything? It really seems strange to me. But as long as DH is at peace with it, so am I.


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Interesting, huh? Yes, she, the queen of pills, yes she, the one who always has some "major medical issue" that everyone has to feel sorry for, yes, "SHE THE ONE WHO MADE A SCENE AT MY HOUSE WHEN MY SON WAS JUST 3 DAYS OLD AND MY MOTHER HAD TO RUN WITH HER TO THE HOSPITAL". Yes, that same lady.