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So it has been about a month and due to the weather we he not been able to visit SS and have not heard from the demon SD. DH seems to be happier too. I know that may sound mean but the break from them has been completely needed and appreciated. Last month was both of their birthdays so DH and I had a talk it went like this.

DH: It is SS and SD birthday
Me: Ok
DH: Well I was thinking about what we could get them this year
Me: We?
DH: Yeah

To fill you in in the past years I spoiled the hell out of these kids. DH does not have the money to buy them extra gifts so I stepped in and spent a ton on them. Back to the conversation

Me: Well you are laid off right now so you can't afford to get them anything
DH: Well I was just thinking something small
Me: So you think I should by them stuff after the way they treat me? No they get nothing until they learn to respect me. They don't have to like me but they do have to respect me.
DH: Fine Then we should buy your nieces and nephews anything either
Me: No I will buy for my family what I want to and when you get a new job you can buy extras for your kids.

This was a hard decision for me to make but I know it was the right one. I am not going above and beyond when they treat me like shit.

Then SS calls from lock up to talk to me. I know it is to talk to me because he waits until DH would be asleep and calls my phone. During the call he says this:

SS: I need new headphones
Me: Yeah
SS: Can you guys pick me up a pair
Me: No your dad and mom pay support. You get an allowance for working and good behavior use that for headphones
SS: "Sad voice" He says Oh ok

Bank Of SM Closed Smile


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Good for you! Thing is, the real world doesn't reward you for bad behavior- whether it's skids or bios, my pet peeve is parents who reward bad behavior. When you get out there on your own, no one will think you're a speshul snowflake and put up with your bullshit!

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Kudos! I also did this but it took me about 6 years in total to figure it out. And doncha just love the half assed analogy by these "men" (the niece and nephew comment)?

How DARE they!! Chef told me that I was to stop having my grown, productive members of society children visit MY house just because HIS brats PASed out!! Hell NO!!

Good for you to *try* and teach entitled SS that money does NOT grow on trees!!

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I did not go as long as you did but it was enough to make a huge dent in my saving account. I am so tired of hearing I want and I need and can I have. Especially from SD. I took her out to get her nails done and buy clothes. What does she do? Pays me back by slamming a door in my face.

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Yes! That a girl! No, no, no!!! Get your own headphones. DH- he can very buy his children something. I agree 1000% they should respect you and if they can't settle it up with DH or disengage. 

clapping for you