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Vomit alert!

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SD16 is following SO around like a lost puppy. She even went to the hardware store with him. Thank god only one overnight. She has to go to work on Monday }:)


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Only 2 more years, when she becomes 18 you can kick her out on her butt, and she will have to support herself.

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Oh GOD!!! (Stamps feet and clenches fists!! Sad ) This kind of behaviour makes me want to ask DH if he wants a stroller to put them in! As we speak, my DH is doing the Dad taxi for SD15 to an activity she is doing for the next 6 weekends - 12 miles away. I said at least let her go one way on the perfectly adequate train which is 5 mins from our door. WHEN is he going to cut the apron strings? :sick:

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haha, that's great! A stroller!

Yes, as he was doing some handy work on the house for the last two weeks, he needed my help with handing him tools or holding things steady. Last night it was "oh i'm fine me and SD are out back talking she's helping" I doubt seriously that she got off her lazy butt and put down her phone long enough for anything. I just left it all be. Disengaged. Plus, I KNOW when he pays attention to me or I sit near him she starts her competition.