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More annoying SD16

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Just a record keeping note at this point to validate my disengaging.

SO has been actually workng on house projects instead of just making everything about the kids all the time while they are here. Kinda surprising. However, this makes SD 16 go into attention seeking mode.

Scene: dad in pantry putting up shelves. SD16 comes out of her room looking for him for no reason. STands at the pantry "Hi dad" until he acknowledges her and she does her stupid girl flirt smile. She then goes back to her room. Does this a few times at different periods through the night. Is she fucking 5?

SO asked me to walk with them to get snow cones last night. i did. I see how long it takes for him to start walking with me in a couple like fashion instead of SD. About half way there, I'm still walking ahead of the two of them. They are still shoulder to shoulder. I turned around and went home. "You're not going to walk with us?" Me "no, going home"

Didn't say another word about it. Just testing to be sure its all still going on and validate my disengagement when she's around.


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Ugh SD15 is so weird too. She will stay in her room all day. Then she will hear DH come home from work usually late around 9pm and she bolts up the stairs and stands in front of him staring until he acknowledges she is there. Then she will continue to follow him around the room and stare while twirling her hair. It drives me crazy. I have to walk away because its so annoying. It drives him crazy too because he will come in the bedroom and shut the door in her face eventually!!

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same here. nothing all day except a "when's dad coming home" then suddenly its cutesy time.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am SO GLAD I have an SS and not an SD. That weird pseudo-couple dynamic between the SD & dad just seems creepy and all too common. Helena, I think you did the right thing going home if your SO wasn't even walking with you. Sheesh.

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My ss14 does the same sort of nonsense. My dh will be outside working on landscaping and I will watch ss14 just go out there and stand for like 15 minutes. At first I thought maybe they were having a conversation, but I started getting closer and they are not even talking! SS14 is just standing there creepily watching my dh work. I'd tell him to get lost! Or if we are in the car-it's constant-"Dad" "hey dad" "dad"-my dh ignores him at least 50 percent of the time. He will interrupt other people when they are talking just to say "dad" "dad" "dad" over and over again. When or if dh finally acknowledges probably half the time he will say, "Oh, I forgot what I was going to say". No, asshole, you didnt forget what you were saying-you just wanted dh's attention on you and noone else and you were doing what you could to get your way!

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Let's not forget "Where's dad? Where's dad? Where's dad?"

Or when you aren't talking to them "What?" like they needed to hear what you had to say.

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sd19 would do similar things when she was in her "i'm the FIRST woman in his life" stage. is it even a stage? i'm not sure, i think a lot of these sd's never outgrow it. her thing wasn't so much to get his attention as it was to send a message to me. out of nowhere, she would throw herself on him and say "i love you daddy!" and then whip her head at me to see if i was watching. i would always busy myself with something else, but i could see it out of the corner of my eye. sickening. blatant insecurity. i think it drove her nuts that i never reacted to it.

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I think this is an immaturity thing more than anything else. Her parents have never told her to stop being silly and GO AWAY! I cannot recall doing stupid stuff like that attention-seeking stuff. It is like the boy at school who annoys the crap out of you. When all the time they 'like' you and want you to notice them. Same thing here, very childish.

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Yep, which is why I walked away. I don't have to be present for that nonsense. That dynamic was set long ago during his marriage to BM.

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Hi are your blogs from your "previous" Smile steplife avaiable i tried to googleAA but it doesnt show. You inspire me i d like to re read your previous ones to see all the work you ve done . And hopefully to learn something . I remember one blog about trip to the zoo i think. And how upset you were over how your DH ignored you. Seems like that will never change but you changed in a great way.
On a side note does your DH have a drinking problem or was the councillor overreacting?
Just curious.

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I'll dig them up and post a link for you. I took a lot down but made e-copies for myself, like a journal.

Nope some things never change, but I learned how to just be ok with myself. No drinking problem. My therapist pegged him perfectly, guilty disney dad.

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SD are the complete definition of immature and annoying!

My SD would pull that "Hi Daddy" crap when she first came to live with us in high school. UGH......she had ALWAYS been around 50% and we lived a block away...but she turned WEIRD in HS...

During a banquet my husband was running as the head coach...he publicly thanked me, HIS WIFE....for all the crap I do that allows him to be so successful in his career...and that little bitch...IN FRONT OF ALL THE COACHES WIVES AND SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS (the school at which we also enrolled her) starts saying allowed "BUT WHAT ABOUT ME???? WHAT ABOUT ME???? WHERE IS MYYYYYYY THANK YOU?????? I MADE ALL THOSE COPIES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!"

Luckily my DH was so UTTERLY humiliated by her asshole behavior...he dropped the microphone so quick and gave her the death look and said "Are you kidding me??????" and then went on....SD shut up right away...

UGH.....SDs SUCK!!!!!!!!!