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ungrateful monster

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Well, again, my SS16 has managed to controll our holiday~ We started by the kids( my 2 daughters) and the evil SS16 coming out of their room to see what santa brought, Girls were thrilled, began exploring their gifts- a DS and a camera- while SS16 sat on the loveseat and wouldnt touch his new XBOX 360 .... finally after much coaching from my husband, be managed to grunt a bit! Then off to stocking from santa! girls again, carefully explored what was inside, while asshole sat there and wouldn't even look, later while I was making breakfast, he dumped it out and shoved it all back in... I was soo looking forward to the kids gifts from us, my husband and I only had around 250$ for each kid, so we had tried to get the best value , and we had done a good job I thought!, after we ate,the kids started unwrapping.. not even a "cool" or "hey thanks" from his slimy little lips! The topper of my day was It is my husbands birthday and I had made dinner reservations at a Historic Hotel in town, the girls and I were dressed and ready, my husband was getting ready when the home wrecker decided to "not go" with his dad and his "other family"- keep in mind we have lived all together for almost 7 years!! So my husband told me he can't really go without him to his birthday dinner, but doesnt want to leave him at home- he threatenes to kill himself when ever daddy wont give in- so YES, the girls and I went alone... When we got home, i fixed a big steak for my husband tossed a peice of ham to the skid, and got ready for our b-day presents for dad, of course the monster wouldnt even give him one, so our 7yr old said, "here daddy this one is from levi" What a bunch of shit!! and he went and pouted in his room!!!


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Holly sorry...I can't imagine having such an ungrateful little pig living in my house...oh my...Good luck...and by the way, YOUR KIDS (I assume they are your kids together) should NOT be subjected to such a little turd...hmmm...I would lose it...I honestly sometimes wonder how you custodial parents (especially the SMOMS) deal with such BS from these kids...amazing...

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Does your SS16 have psychological issues? has he tried to commit suicide? or was that a figure of speech.
From how you described him last, he's a piece of work who i would never allow to influence the two younger kids in the house. I would tell my dh to remove him for the sake of the other two inthe household. You dont wnat them taking after him.
Where is his mom in all this? Does he go visit her? have any relation with her? Sorry for all the questions, just seems this kids has a HUGE chip on his shoulder, is soooo miserable....and take great pleasure in trying ot piss you guys off as well.

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So rude! why is he like this, I mean, does he have some kind of illness to where he can't help it or is he just being a 'jerk'?
"The movies are the only business where you can go out front and applaud yourself." -
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just read your previous blogs, mmm..on antidepressents and anxiety eh? Sit down with dh and tell him , seems the drugs may not be working, go to new psychologist and have him re-evaluated and switch the drugs! They sometimes make it worse.
I'm surprised how much you have taken so far. I dont know if i would have had the strength to stay the way you are. Wow, your amazing!
Well, keep locking the stuff and get your dh to clean up after him. Start chasing him to clean up his shit.