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The Apple really doesn’t fall far

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Saturday, DH decided to go watch SS12's bowling league, to show support. Not surprisingly, SS barely acknowledged his presence. There are also only three kids in the league now, so kind of boring and pointless. Anyway, he once again said from now on he'll probably only go on kid weeks. Whatever. I don't particularly care, as I've made it clear I have no intention to go -- ever. Baseball is it for me.

Anyway, DH reported that, of course, SS had new bowling shoes (I get it -- the old ones were way too small, but DH felt he could just use the alley's, especially since he appears to be hitting a growth spurt), new bag and three new balls. I fail to understand why a kid needs three bowling balls.

DH and BM chatted a week or two ago about eating habits. DH has concerns that SS is getting into bad habits. He can see what he buys at school and he'll purchase multiple cookies, ice cream bars, bags of chips, etc. DH wants there to be some ground rules now to try to teach SS healthy eating. Nothing wrong with treats, but not multiple every day. She agreed. SS whispered something to her, she got up, and came back with a giant big gulp Mountain Dew, which SS polished off in about 20 minutes.

Then she tells DH she's passed at the baseball coach. SS misplaced his hat. It has to be at our house or BM's, but it hasn't turned up yet. DH suspects SS hasn't really looked for it. For the first couple of fall games, he was able to use one of the extra hats coaches bring in case a kid forgets. At the last game, Coach told SS he would have to get a new one.

BM was annoyed -- not with her kid, who lost it, but with the coach who dared hold him accountable. No wonder this kid is lazy, greedy and with a huge sense of entitlement. Anyway, rather than take him to that afternoon's practice, she took him to an arcade.

Now he's with us for the week. Joy.


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If I was the coach, the kid would not play, and would be the water boy, equipment donkey, clean the teams shoes, and genera one the team bitch boy until he got a hat and earned the opportunity to play.