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Update #2 to SD moving in with us (Box of Wine Suggestions?)

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DH and BM are meeting with her shrink tomorrow at noon to discuss the change. WTF. DH is having the lawyer draw up any paperwork needed so she will just sign when he sees her. This is two days of work the DH is missing and he works in sales so he has to be at work to make money.

Interesting tidbit-our lawyer told us that BM must pay us support even if we calculate her income as min wage. This alone with stop BM from letting SD15 move in with us.

Anyone know of a good box of wine? I think I need to go big tonight!


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I love the sweet red by barefoot. Cheap and yummy Wink

ps- we have the min. child support from BM, its $65/month in VA. If I was your DH I would bring up CS after custody is established. BUT considering you want her to go back, bring it up asap!! lol

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Moscato by BlackBox. Don't waste time pouring glasses. Just take the bag out of the box and stick it in one of those KamelBak hydration backpacks. You know. For hydration.

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SD15 has been living with us for over 7 months (her choice) and DH has been paying BM child support every single month because BM is going to fight it and the first court date she got a continuance. So we are paying the bitch money for NOTHING!!!!!

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According to the lawyer no judge will sign this order with out some kind of support coming from the other parent!!

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My hero DH did this also! Four years of primary custody of SD with NO CS. Then BM took him back to court, gained custody AND got CS. Yay!

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That was $65 a month. That is about $16 a week. Like as in doesn't even cover school lunches.

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well after all this time, effort and missed work, if bm pulls out this would be off the table for me in the future (unless bm does all the leg work - let HER miss work). no more rescuing, either. my dh would either go for full custody, or let bm doing her "mothering".

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My dh also waived cs for 5 years. He took her back for it when she drug him into court because she didn't like it that he cancelled a visitation when she was hours late. I bet she was sorry she opened that can of worms.

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Moscato is a good white wine available in a box. Careful though. It tastes like white grape juice, and it will sneak up on you. Blum 3 I am drinking it as I type this.

I wouldn't bring up CS until the custody papers are signed. Then she can't back out over it. }:)