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...You gotta do the fixing....

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I just realized that when things don't get better, you, "yourself" must have to deal with the ex or stepchild. We can't always rely on our other half (spouse/BF) to the do the talking for us to straighten things out the way we want it to be. We need to stand up for ourselves and tell them straight in their face. I'm sick of having my husband talk to ex or stepson about my concerns, no more middle person. Ultimately the problem that needs to get fixed affects the whole family and YES I'm part of the family so I get to say what I need to say. Hope this message can encourage you all to do the same.


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Yes, I will talk with my stepson when I need too. However, Sometimes I think that if it comes from his dad, it seems to be more effective. Or sometimes I will talk to stepson and then my husband will follow up and agree with what I have already said.

Stepson does live in our house so I don't have a problem setting him straight. However, biomom is a horse of a different color. I don't think that I should have to deal directly with her. I don't think I would let her get away with some of the things that she says like my husband does. I think that me dealing directly with her would only make it worse. I am going to have to keep my middle man for that one!


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Dawn you are so funny with your comments.... I do talk straight with the stepson but everytime I do he ends up crying, he is so emotional (I believe he gets that from his mom). Like the other day when I told him to put his toys away, I was practically yelling because it was the 2nd time I had to tell him that. He ended up crying. I'm concerned as to why he cries over everything when he is getting discplined. I hate to say this but I think he is a whimp. I'm a very direct person, so what ever it is I have to say I get to the point, sometimes people take it the wrong but they just have to know how I am and then they'll understand. I can't have my husband do the talking for me cause men can't seem to get things right sometimes w/words and the message that is needed to be communicated.