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Any "ex-wife websites" out there?

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Just wondering has anyone of you found any sites like steptalk but this one is ex-wives and dealing w/new wife/husband? I'm interested in what they talk about and their problems with us stepparents etc. Maybe get an idea on how they think and what they think of their own situations.


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It is dealing MORE with the Blended Family as a whole and NOT Just STEP MOM OR DAD....So therfore all are welcome. This site Step Talk as the forun says is a place where STEP parents come to vent, cry, moan, gain support. It's always funny to me WHEN BIO MOMS AND DADS, criticize US (and by the way I am also a bio mom AND STEP mom) for venting. That statement is a little ironic when you are on OUR (step parents) site telling us that we vent too much. Maybe you are on the wrong site. I wouldn't go to a FOOTBALL Forum and tell the members that they TALK about FOOTBALL too much, why don't they ever talk about BASEBALL.Just my personal thought. I know you ddi NOT say that, but others have.
But anyways the site is....

"Be there for the joy. Be there for the tears. Be there for each other."
(Step-Mom the Movie 1998)

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I went out the the site and read many of the topics and found them to be very, very illuminating! I think it's sometimes good to see the other side. And on that site you can see the trauma, heartbreak and struggle BM's are going through. A BM is putting me through absolute he!! right now, but after going to that site, I can see a little bit of where she is at emotionally.

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I went to that site, too. Yikes. I read a lot of angry posts over there. The common message about SM's I was reading was, "Don't even talk to her." Jeeeze, I wish my husband's ex would heed that advice.

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So if the stepmoms are angry and the biomoms are angry, what must the kids pick up from all of that? No bed of roses for them either, I would think. Not that I am saying it is any day at the park for stepmoms either, but I chose this (or thought I did) but I would not choose it again for love nor money!

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In the Pregnancy and Parenting section, there's a board called Bio Moms. There is also a board called Biomom/Stepmom debate.

Those ladies are........I have no words for them.

Just go see for yourself Wink

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To sneak over there and find out what their problems are... lol