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Tired of kids, and tired of the bullshit

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So DH is in a tournament today, going to be gone for the better part of the afternoon/early evening. It's a beautiful day, there is a gathering at a local spot...pig roast, music, beach, etc. with people we know and some of DH's family (his DAD's side of the family...who are AWESOME...wish I could have met his he was nothing like MIL...would love to ask him how he dealt with her).

So after lunch I tell the kids to pack up some beach stuff, we are heading out. All five kids (SSs with prodding) get things together, we hop in the car and drive 20 mins to the beach. Beautiful sunny day, warm, nice sandy beach, kids get the picture right? Soooo....we get there, my BDs help haul stuff to the beach, set up a blanket and say okay let's hit the lake. They were a little slow getting in as they said it was cold (didn't know kids knew that temp! lol). What are two SSs doing? Sitting on their butts on the beach, looking irritated to be there...OSS in his tennis shoes AND least YSS had his bare feet. My BS is sitting near me whining....whining...whining...driving me CRAZY! I finally say, "look we are at the beach, there's a lake, there are kids, there is SAND, there is a slide....STOP WHINING. I am NOT going to listen to it any longer. If you are going to continue to whine, I am going to ignore you." Of course the whining continues...I proceed to ignore him and the "mom, mom, mom, mom......"He finally gets up and puts his feet in the water...walks in a little bit...asks his stepbrothers if they are going to come swimming too. Answer from both "NO". BS comes back and guessed it!! WHINING!! OSS & YSS won't swim with me! My sisters are out on the raft! I don't want to go out there by myself! Mom, Mom, MOM!" At this point...I'm DONE. I say to him "BS, your sisters were just here five minutes ago asking if you wanted to go to the raft WITH pouted and said no because you wanted YSS to swim with you. Now they are out there. Either you go and meet them, swim right here, or sit on the beach and pout, but you will NOT continue to whine. I am your mother and it is driving me crazy, I am sure all these other people here trying to enjoy the beach do not want to hear it either considering you aren't even their kid!! If i have to tell you again, we will be in the vehicle having a not very nice conversation" He figures it out and starts to play, swim, etc.

The whole time we were there...the WHOLE time other than the last FIVE mins, my SSs sat like bumps on the beach doing nothing. Away from us besides. I thought go ahead and sulk and not do anything, we are at the beach if you chose to just sit there that is your choice.

HOWEVER...let's not forget that MIL Sunday and again just last night stated we don't EVER DO ANYTHING with those kids!! This is not the first time the boys acted like this. It's the first time YSS did, OSS often pulls this shit. And let's not forget OSS telling DH and I yesterday, "well grandma somehow, not sure how, i don't know why, but she thinks I guess, well she says, I'm not sure what makes her think that, that you guys don't well you know, she thinks I guess that you guys don't do anything with us" REALLY??? Oh believe me, evil MIL certainly puts her own twists on things and over dramatizes everything, however, I'm sorry just made me think that maybe you might just say things to lead grandma in the path to get what you want, to play both sides...Me and DH vs. MIL and BM. I wasn't born when it is EVER said again...I will lose my shit on that woman and tell her JUST where she can SHOVE that we don't do anything...if he chooses to sulk and make himself miserable and bored...that's his choice. There was PLENTY for him to do.

When my daughters came in from the lake and said they had enough swimming, I said okay, let's go...we aren't staying for the pig roast and other activities. We were there for TWO hours...and I was ready to beat all three of those boys!! Why do I put myself through that?? Needless to say, a cold one has now been cracked, the kids fed, and I'm ignoring them.


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It got better...DH came home, brought me out to the course. I had a couple beers and decompressed with some good friends. Home by 11:30, he's off again for day two of the tourney and I'm up having some coffee before I get the kids all up for church.