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It's going to be a helluva weekend!!

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This weekend DH and I and all five kids are climbing aboard a charter bus to head to State Hockey finals for two of the kids. It's exciting. Us hockey moms have been making signs and noise makers, planning snacks for the bus, etc etc.

Why is it going to be so interesting??

1- both my exH and BM will be aboard the same bus. That's right folks, 10+ hours on a charter bus with two of my most favorite people!!!

2- both my exH and BM will by default be staying at the SAME hotel as us as it is a group on the bus and we will all be together ALL weekend

You wanted more custody, but now you don't get to see your kids at all!! VENT- AND LANGUAGE

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So fucking pissed off...just pissed. All the BS my exH pulled this last four months wanting 50/50 custody so he wouldn't have to pay CS, but is never home when the kids are there for visitation anyway, and now they can't be there without him home and what does he do??? Takes shifts all weekend on his weekend.

Karma is a bitch! And I'm just sassy.

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So with the supposed breakdown of my exH's relationship with the gf, it would appear his life is taking another tumble down the slippery slope he started on.

She has suspicions of him lying and cheating. She is apparently moving out. I had my doubts if that was really going to happen, however, I get this text from ex yesterday.

Not BM, but how about best lines from ex's SO?? I got the best I think.

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So, as I blogged yesterday, there was an issue at exH's house regarding the girlfriend's daughter who has caused trouble for a while, smoking pot in the house while the adults were out and me catching her when I was dropping off my bios, which didn't happen for obvious reasons.

Weed, Minor, Cops and the Twilight Zone

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So this weekend was my ex's weekend to have our 3 kids. He had to work in the evening on Saturday and was having our BD15 watch the BS8. The understanding was the gf's daughter15 was not going to be at the house. So our daughter agreed to go there, she wanted to see her dad, just didn't want to be the environment.

I swear it really is the moon!!

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So I blogged about an ex gf from five years ago suddenly, out of the blue emailing my DH hoping he's happy and maybe she'll get to see him more now that him and his boys live next door to her mother (conveniently leaving out his wife and three stepkids), then BM and her "I don't have to pay for the med bill because I have to pay for a room for OSS on your weekend (even though she brought a girlfriend with her and paid the extra for her to ride the bus lol) and now...I walk into work, check the voicemail and there is a message left last night at the office for my boss, whose wife of 20 years

It must be the BM starts up!

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So as a little back history, my DH and I have FOUR kids that play hockey. His two sons and my daughter and son. Now during the four years we have been together, BM has not taken either skid to a hockey game that is further than 15 miles from our town. YSS and BD played travel hockey for two of these years and had many, MANY out of town trips that DH and I took them on and footed the whole bill. OSS played on a house league team but has had to be out of town for weekends many times also, including this year he plays for the JV team which is parent funded, not school funded.

Okay, I may be jealous...a new feeling for me.

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So per my blog from this morning, I have spent the ENTIRE afternoon stewing about this bitch who emailed my husband and her comments about how happy she is for him and hopefully she will see him more. I guess this means I'm jealous? Or just angry? Or what? I don't know. It pisses me off.

Vent- What is with the exes my DH has??? If it's not BM another one has to pop up

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My DH comes home from work this morning. Wakes me up very sweetly and downstairs we go to have some coffee after waking up the kids and waiting for them to come down for breakfast. DH and I are chatting and he says to me, "I got the weirdest email last night from BOB (back off bitch...for here)" My response, "Who? What?" DH says "You know, BOB" Me: Oh...