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Thanks SD....she brought covid to our house

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and now we are all positive.  SD came from her mom's with a stuffy nose that her mother said was allergies...I should have known better since we call SD ...typhoid SD.  She bring ever communicable disease from her mothers house...EVERY SINGLE TIME.

NOw for me and biggie we work from home, order our groceries from a delivery service (I did this before pandemic..I'm lazy) and order takeout.  DD and DS..not so much..  Both their jobs cannot be done at home and now DD has to go fully remote with college for the next 10 days.  


Upside we are all we can all hang out together...but geez...we made a whole year and it figures SD would be the one to bring it here.


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Does not surprise me in the slightest that this happened. I would be so MAD, but I know it could 100% happen in our situation as there is no point in talking to BM about covid precautions etc. because she just does not take it any bit seriously and just lies through her teeth anyway. I would not want to be in your shoes because I would have some choice words since clearly it is NOT allergies.

Btw this is futurestepmomnowstepgf’s new account

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Can I ask why your idiot DH didn't deny the visit knowing she was sick and knowing she is typhoid SD?  I would be furious!  


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DD got good new..her work will pay her while she is out.  Wooho....DS not so much but that is ok. 

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Sorry to hear that I hope you all stay safe and okay. My DH's father got it and was in pretty bad shape, he ended up in the hospital on oxygen and there was talk of putting him on a vent for a few days. He still has lingering affects, blood clots and shortness of breath and he got diagnosed right before Christmas.

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Then he needs to rip BM a new one, since she likely new she was sick and didn't say anything.  A bill for your sons salary loss would work.  

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Gosh I am so sorry to read this.

 I hope you all have VERY mild symptoms,  if any at all..

Please take care



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Where I am, the CARES act instituted COVID pay, with Dr's note/positive test. You get regular rate of pay. Do you all have that where you are?

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not sure about DS..his manager is a bit of biotch so who knows.  DD's boss had it about a month ago....and she is an alll around nice person so not surprised on their response.

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calc on head was killing me and I couldnt' think.  Even her instructed wanted to know WTH happened since she is straight A student with an 100% in his class.  When she told him today...she is positive...he told well that explains this grade.  We will just throw it out and you can retake a different test.

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That blows Halo!

Hope you all have a mild case and a super speedy recovery.