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Share your best woe is me I'm a single parent tale from your HCBM or HCBD

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Another Blog got me thinking about Beaver's woo is me narrative.  She has had several over the last 14 years but the best was..

Beaver Narritive

Woe is beaver.  She supported DH while he went to school and get his degree and just like that when he graduated he dumped her and got with The Whore (that would be me).  She tells this to EVERYONE she meets.  


Yes DH went to school while they were married.  He worked a full 45-60 hour a week job that had him traveling 2 weeks out of the month at a minium.  Then he went to school at night...had to get with his professors to make sure he could do the work, etc while he was traveling. Beaver was at home doing..nada, other than shopping.  She didn't work and wasn't interested in keeping house either.  She then got accidently on purpose pregnant (She told DH she was on birth control and since she was his wife he believed her) and had GWR while he was in school.  Beaver didn't clean or cook or do laundry. Dh would come home and either go to dinner before school or eat a tv dinner. 

So..Support DH is laughable..she was nothing more than another drain in his time and resources.  DH was amazed that I could work all day, come home make dinner, take care of kids and kept a clean house.  


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BM here is "disabled" from "breaking her tailbone giving birth to SS17". She struggles with daily pain and has to take care of 2 kids with "Chronic medical issues". Too bad NONE of that is actually true. 


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OMG - for us it is:

Woe is BM. DH went to college for free at her place of employment while she supported him. Then he left her.

Reality:  DH's previous degree didn't allow him to work in the US, but BM got a "dream job" here. So he went to college for free, so that he could get a degree and a job here, while she worked at her dream job.  At said dream job, BM started having an affair with a co-worker and threatened to kick DH out and have him deported so she could move the new guy in. Since he was a dependent on her visa,  DH made nice with BM until he finished his degree so that she didn't force him to leave the country and SS (she ended the affair), and then dumped her when he had a job and a work visa.


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It was around 2 more years, and then he had to get a job and save up some money - but he did it and the rest is history.  He says now that the further in the past BM gets, the better his life gets. 

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Ok here is just one "woe is me" from Toxic Troll.

Woe is her because she had to take SD22 Feral Forger on and FF doesnt have a drivers license so TT has to drive her to her job that she decides not to go to anymore so now she is a 'single' mother to two 'children'.


Toxic Troll BM had FF on all kinds of medications that she didnt need since she was13. Allergy meds, anti-anxiety meds, GERD meds...etc. Oddly enoough she still takes meds that make her unable to drive or have a job...and TT has to take care of her, because thats what she created. And she gets child support for SD15. And DH does all transport, and has 50/50.

She makes out like shes doing the parenting all by herself and shes such a victim.

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and poor single mothers with no help what so ever.

Yea....Beaver does this with GWR.  However, she created that holy she can lie in it just like TT with FF.

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SD's dad didn't something wrong with SD's diabetic medicene and she had to stay up all night long saving SD's life single handly.  She said this at least once a month for years and years and years.

Reality:  For an entire year, SD at 9 was very, very sick.  She went from 100 lbs to 68 lbs.  She  was throwing up constantly. She'd have debiltating headaches.  She had incredible thirst.  She had type 1 diabetes.  North Korea is a vitamin store nut/anti vaxer.  She would only take SD to a chiropractor who would do spinal adjustments and would take out these various metals and make SD hold them for their healing injries.  I said I thought she had type1 diabetes cause of the extreme thirst and North Korea said, "Her sinuses are just really dried out."  SD was carted away in ambulance in a coma and spent weeks in the hospital.  North Korea and her father had to take daily classes in the hospital together for that entire time to learn how to care for their child with diabetes.  Once SD was released, North Korea wouldn't let us have SD for custody or visitation because we are the idiots and she's so smart.  The first time we did get her for an hour visit, he took her back to her mom's house and North Korea gave her too much insulin and SD couldn't feel her legs.  Instead of calling 911 she had to call our house to see it was our fault and how she had to do all this  work monitoring her and giving her insulin in small doses and test again... 

Rinse wash repeat for the next decade.

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Woe is ET. DH ABANDONED her and the boys for the majority of their marriage, leaving her to take care of them all by herself with zero help from DH.

Reality: DH was a teen dad who was in the military for six years. When he had a year left on his military contract, OSS was starting kindergarten so ET and the boys moved back to Anti-Canada, living with my MIL. During that final year, DH was sending ET all the money he made minus enough to live/eat off of. He was even working a second job. ET, on the other hand, met XH#2 while in school, tried to move him in to MIL's house and kick MIL out, and refused to work in the field she got her certifications in. Yes, DH disappeared for 6 months after he got out...because he had a breakdown because ET filed for divorce less than a week before his contract was up and she was already "engaged" to XH#2 and was causing tons of trouble for MIL and FIL (like calling CPS on them, randomly dropping off the kids with them, harassing them). DH couldn't handle it, especially since he had been abused by her during their marriage, so he went silent. DH had kept working and sending her money, but was too poor to move back home (in addition to not being in the right headspace to move back). FIL eventually got in touch with DH and told him he needed to get back because she was psychotic. He did move back and promptly leased an apartment for ET, gave her everything in the divorce, and continued to bleed himself dry while ET maybe held down the occasional job.

The "lived in base housing with her husband except when he was temporarily stationed elsewhere" and "husband was the only one working throughout their marriage" and "cheated on her military husband" and "husband still financially supporting her while he was stationed 1500 miles away" and "paid for her apartment for four years while also paying CS" doesn't get brought up by her. Only the 6 months where DH was physically (though not finacially) absent while they were already separated and she already had another d**k exploring her Cave of Wonders.

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I don't post nearly as much about ET because the boys are older and YSS lives with us, so interactions with her are few and far between. But in the early years, ET was absolutely effing nuts. DH regrets those six months, but he has more than made up for it. ET is the exact same now as she was when I met her. Might explain why DH#3 is divorcing her now...

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Pretty much the same exact story here only SD came about in their 20s. D h join the Navy and had a ball playing the field in his early twenties until being who had been trying to snag him since high school finally got her claws in him. She resented that he had so much fun when he was single so every time he was deployed she would see other guys. She took all of his re-enlistment bonus money to buy designer purses and plane tickets for her boyfriend to come visit while he was away. 

He's still in the military and unlike b m and a lot of military wives that don't make it, I really enjoy the times when he's not home. I'm not afraid of my own company. 

He was just telling me the other night about how being family blamed him for her infidelity. They all knew about it and condoned it because he wasn't home. 

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DH is card holder member of that club.  Fortunately for him he was rather very fastidious with wrapping things when he was in . He did have one person in the Navy that he couldn't get rid. That crazy person followed him from where he was stationed to his home town.  Just showed up...DH put her on a greyhound back to where she was from and she came BACK.  So DH and his Dad drove her back home and dropped her off.

I would have made a very good military wife...I'm really good with my own company and handle most everything on the home front myself anyway...home repairs/remodel included.  

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Pretty much the same exact story here only SD came about in their 20s. D h join the Navy and had a ball playing the field in his early twenties until being who had been trying to snag him since high school finally got her claws in him. She resented that he had so much fun when he was single so every time he was deployed she would see other guys. She took all of his re-enlistment bonus money to buy designer purses and plane tickets for her boyfriend to come visit while he was away. 

He's still in the military and unlike b m and a lot of military wives that don't make it, I really enjoy the times when he's not home. I'm not afraid of my own company. 

He was just telling me the other night about how being family blamed him for her infidelity. They all knew about it and condoned it because he wasn't home. 

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BioHo blames SS22 for the fact that she "can't lose weight because you f*cked up my ho'mones". There is simply NO way it could be her crap diet (fast/fried/junk food) or her YUGE alcohol consumption. ~eyeroll~ 

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I'm sorry, she said WHAT to SS22?!

Aniki, next time you have the opportunity to throw out dish water and "accidentally" tag 'Ho, can you add some rocks or sharp implements to the water? 

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Oh, yeah, she did. Several times. Evil Aniki hopes that SS22 stays estranged from 'Ho. Best thing that ever happened to that wonderful young man was escaping the 'Ho House.

Super Evil Aniki likes the idea of rocks and thinks glitter and black food coloring would also be nice additions... *diablo*

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Lol this is gold! I didn't know you could blame other people for your weight. The more you know!

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Right?! You'd think SS has been force-feeding 'Ho crappy food choices and pouring booze down her throat while she fights it. 


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Beaver tells them she is obese because having kids wrecked her metabolism and ruined her figure.  She also blames them for her stretch marks.

She couldn't possibly obese due to her fast food diet that is washed down with at least a bottle of wine a night. Nahhhh...has to be the fault the kids she chose to have.

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Gads, they're awful. Only one bottle a night? If it's a 1.5 liter bottle, then she's right up there with 'Ho.

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I could drink a standard bottle, but typically stick with 1-2 glasses. Two bottles? I'd be barfing!

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BM bragged about how she struggle and sacrificed as a single mom to physically and financially care for SD with zero outside help. She said she was a teen mom survivor and beat the odds.

Meanwhile DH started paying CS the minute the broke up without a CO. BM would not allow DH any extra time outside of his court ordered visitation. Instead she dumped SD on her Grandma so she could be out drinking and partying. She only came home to be "mom" when she had a new BF who immediately moved in with Grandma and was SD's new dad. SD was then left in the care of the new BF of 1 day. Then they break up SD goes back to Grandma until the next BF is found. Rinse and repeat.

One day Grandma gets fed up comes knocking on DH's door asking for financial help with his daughter. DH shows her proof what he has been paying. BM is them threatened by Grandma with court and she agrees that DH can start paying the CS directly to Grandma. BM couched surfed for a few years after her run in with Grandma. She would take full advantage of all her relatives then leave as soon as they called her out. BM finally gets her first job at 21 and makes up with Grandma, gets married after 2 weeks of dating, however Grandma is still raising the kid.

Jump to present day BM royally screws up her kids and SD is a PAS'd out nutcase. BM cheats on her husband, gets hooked on drugs, marries an abuser and drug trafficker, abandons all her kids, and now lives in a trailer park. She now says she is done sacrificing for everyone else (you know the children she chose to bring into the world youngest is only 3) and putting her happiness last. You know since she did it all alone all these years.

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is about all I can say there.  Sheesh...why bother having kids.

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Humpty Troll

Submitted by CLove on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 9:17am

I generally have empathy and do not wish bad on my fellow human.

Toxic Troll is now Humpty Troll.

Apparently she fell in the bath tub the other day washing the dog (husky mix medium size) and was taken by ambulence to the hospital, where is was determined she broke some ribs.

I just found out last night when I called Munchkin SD14 to pick her up for our visitation, and she told me she wanted to stay longer. Its a clean break, she said, but her mother wasnt resting, instead figdeting and moving around and "howling" in pain. Since Feral Forger SD22 doesnt drive and Toxic Troll cant drive and Munchkin SD14almost15 doesnt have license, Humpty Troll is out of luck as regards pain medication too.

Besides, Feral Forger had a date with the beach and the weather was uncharacteristicallly warm. Her friends drove her. Leaving Munchkin and Humpty all alone.

Like I said, I do empathize with my fellow human, and a thought to helping did quickly pass through my phsyche. And then withered away when I suggested it to DH, who was "Nah, let her suffer for a while. Ill giver her some stimulus cash, and maybe someone else can drive her..."

I did helpfully suggest to Munch that her mother contact her stepmother "because isnt that what we are here for anyway???"

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I have something that would put her out of her misery. Its name louis out in the garage.  

However, DH is not known for his tact.

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Not so much a wow is me, but Meth Mouth liked to tell people what a loser and a waste DH was.  She would make fun of me for marrying him and let everybody know I was a waste as well.  Funny thing is we have the nice house, nice cars, nice life and she lives with her mommy and hooks to afford her meth.  

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left her to support his whore (that would be me).  Told this sad tale to family & mutual friends.  The reality--after 7 years of delaying the divorce she was forced to settlement.  The judge ordered DH to pay alimony for a period of 4 years so that BM could have time to get an education and re-enter the job market.  So DH paid for her nursing degree, the child forced into daycare was 10 yr old youngest stepson who went to after care for 30 minutes each school day.  DH, of course, had to pay for that as well.

DH was absolutely broke for the first 5-8 years of our marriage.  I worked full time, used my child support & paycheck to raise my kids.  This Martyr story still lives and I shut it down every time I hear it.  I have never depended on anyone to support me since I was 18.   BM thought DH had to support her forever even tho she cheated on him and kicked him out. When that relationship failed she decided that DH must come back to her for the sake of the "chiiiillldren".  SD is exactly the same has never really worked outside the home because of the "chiiiiilllldren" who are now 22, 20, 15 & 13.  Obviously too young to manage on their own for any part of the day.

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for three years plus child support.  She too was "forced" to get a job.  

DH was also broke as a joke for a good portion of our marrige. Between alimony, cs and court...he didn't have squat. I worked fulltime to support us all..and I didn't get any child support for my kids.  

Must be in the handbook.....

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so many but my favorite was finding out how BM portrayed me at the kids' small, ultra Christian school. Told them DH left her for me and left her struggling. 

Truth: Biotch lived in a $300K house, drove a Lexus and wore clothes from Chicos (full price). OH...and her kids are in PRIVATE school. LOL SHE left DH overseas, came back to states and started divorce proceedings, all the while not telling him and milking him dry. 

Learned that when she pulled her "attention seeking suicide attempts" and we...or rather I, had to take over raising her kids. One of the teachers spilled the beans. I corrected the story for her.

And don't think I'm being cruel on the suicide comment. When I'm summoned by neighbors and police to go get kids,and have the neighbors tell me she's sitting in the ambulance, talking on her cell phone and laughing...yeah...I stand by my attention seeking behavior, one of many like this over the years.

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Played the poor stay at home mum and poor her, her horrible soon to be exhusband was divorcing her and he must pay dearly. All the while approx 1.5 yrs prior she had rekindled an affair with her ex high school sweetheart who himself was married with 2 kids and he left his wife promptly to marry my husband's exwife.

oh and she married literally days after divorce papers were signed. Skids didn't even know mummy was dating till they came home from school one day and told them she got married and they had a new dad.

the shock from my inlaws on that one.. oh and exwife told everyone that i was a half naked christian whore and my husband had converted to Christianity and she needed to protect her girls from us. Lol that backfired years later when sd's confronted bio mum that i clearly was muslim, wore hijab(headscarf) and surprise surprise, i was a born and raised muslim. 

yeah batshit crazy isn't just isolated to athiests or Christians, every ethnicity or religion has them..

another one was bio mum playing the poor single mum card all the while she actively sabotaged every pregnancy, even as far as to have an abortion and claim it was a miscarriage while hubby was at work and didn't tell him till after work and made it like it was no biggie. Hubbys brothers used to make fun of him claiming he had a crap wife and couldn't get her pregnant.

Fast forward some 20yrs later and hubby is getting me pregnant quickly and we got pregnant with our 2nd kid just under 8 months after having my daughter. It became clear to hubbys family that he had no fertility issues but batshit crazy exwife was the problem.  She's living the dream of uneducated and unemployed for over 28 yrs now