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The light at the end of the CS tunnel...

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As we all now GWR..aka SS has aged out of the child support system and Beaver has suffered a reduction in CS to the tune of $600 per month.      

Now for the last 11 years I have been supporting our family despite not receiving any CS for my two kids and paying just about all of my children's expenses on my own.    DH was too busy paying Beaver her CS and alimony, the marital debt and of course attorney debt since they were in court almost every year.

Now...finally DH has paid off all of the attorney debt, marital debt, alimony stopped and he is down to $500 per month for CS.  Woohoo..finally the money he works hard for is now coming into our household.

So...on Saturday DH told me to get my purse and get in the car. He then told me we were going to go look at all the SUV's I have been researching and we would see if we could buy one this weekend.  I was currently driving a 10 year old SUV I bought from my mom when someone totaled my DD's car a few years ago.  DH gave DD his car and I gave DH my car and I got my mom's old  SUV.  

DH said it was high time he got to spend money on his WIFE and not his ex-wife.  So...after looking at SUV's all day...we came home with the showroom floor Honda Pilot.    We will have this paid off by the time I quit work in 3-5 years.  

DH was so happy to be able to buy something for me...for once and not spend all  his money on his ex wife or her debts.


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I cannot wait until this moment. When SD ages out we will have an extra 1200 a month! It will also be about the time when our kids together are starting school and I won't have to pay daycare anymore. We are going to be rolling in money and I'm going to remodel our kitchen! 

Of course my concern is that about when CS ends SD is going to want a car or extra spending money for college. And I'm when my kids go to college she's going to want money for an expensive wedding. I'm really looking forward to CS ending but I'm not optimistic that the money is going to stop flowing out from our house.

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Because bio mum is all about appearances and actively extorted hubby for money and fancy gifts for the wedding just to rub it in everyones faces despite being an uneducated country girl.

when we got married it was a garden themed one and very simple. Sd's will no doubt following bio mums instructions demand a fancy over the top wedding because hubby is a banker and very high up.

it doesn't sit well with hubby and i do not see him wasting money of over the top weddings for sd's that cost more than ours when he currently has a 4 & 5 yr old to provide for. He will easily say "you want a fancy wedding?? You pay for it!!" Because he aint wasting money unnecessarily when he has minor kids to take care of

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I can see my SD being the same. Apparently when DH and BM got married one wedding wasn't enough she had to have two whole ceremonies. A church wedding and an elaborate expensive wedding. 

I am pretty confident that my husband can tell SD that if she wants a big wedding she can pay for it herself UNTIL she goes down the route where he is going to have to pay if he wants to be involved in the ceremony and walk her down the aisle. I already see that being a battle and a means for her to extort money from him. 



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Love reading these positive stories! Congrats on the new ride and the homestretch of CS!

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I'm sure you be hearing the thumping of angry beaver tail when this new reality sinks in.  LOLZ

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Only 2.5 more years UNTIL the HousesHitter ages out here in NYS (goes to 21).  Hopefully he'll move out sooner than that.  I have a feeling that StepDaddyBigBucks doesn't want him hanging around after the older two, ahem,  "launched." After the first 15 years of paying humongous CS ($1,755 monthly which slooooooowwwwlllllly ramped downward) and I was paying all the household expenses.  Still do but it has gotten easier through the years.  I'm definitely planning on retiring next year just after turning 62.

It will be nice to have that "car payment" back again.  Of course Chef has aspirations of retiring "early"  but he is only 53, has his own biz that makes just enough after expenses for some pocket money.   And yeah he's been working, like myself, since age 12 so somewhat understandable.

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DH is on the line as we speak with CSEU. SD turned 21 today and he wants the letter sent to his job ASAP. I never thought I would live to see the day that we can stop funding BM's life. 

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Beaver will no longer be of much relevance Biggrin

So - even with regular asks for $$$ at least SHE is out of the equation.

Luckily Toxic Trolls spousal support ended a few years ago. YAY. Only 2 years and 9 months to go for CS.

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Yay, yay, yayyyyy!  I'm so happy for you! I was never so happy as when DH's CS ended 7 years ago now. It still makes me happy inside just thinking about all that money staying with us and NOT going to BM! Lol. ENJOY your new ride! You deserve it!