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GWR is almost 19 and still has Beaver asking for

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things like insurance information, etc.  Like really.....oy.  6 more months....and we can ignore anything from Beaver regarding the GWR.    After March if GWR wants any information, etc he better put on his big boy pants and ask DH directly.  However, after March he better get his own insurance cause DH and I will be dropping him from insurance as fast as we can.  Me..I will be dropping him with this years open enrollment in October..and DH will with his next open enrollment in July.   

on a funnier note....Beaver sent SD a picture of herself dying her hair red and with a green face mask on.  Beaver straight up looked like Shrek.   I about died laughing .....and why TF would send anyone a picture like that.




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FYI, my DH could not drop the skids off his health insurance unless he could prove they had another one lined up.  They all came off when he retired.  Granted this was a few years ago but do check with HR and double check you will have no problems.   

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If he's almost 19, why does DH have to respond to Beaver now? Doesn't the custody order end at 18, even if CS and insurance continue to 19?  At least that's how it works here.

I was able to remove my DH during open enrollment (he got insurance with his own job) without any issues - you just can't do it outside of the open enrollment period without a qualifying event. 

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We have a lot of SOs on this site who do not pay attention and have gotten it in their heads that they legally have to keep the kids on the insurance until 26. They didn't pay attention to the "allowed to" and mentally changed it to "have to."

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Well, I could see NY demanding they keep the kid on until 21 when CS ends - but my point was that they don't have to communicate with BM about the kid's insurance now. He's over 18, ignore BM and make GWR reach out to his father himself. If not, welp, guess BM can pay for his health care. 

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Since GWR is 18 if he should even respond. His only thought was if he doesnt then Beaver will try to rope him in for the full amount do the dentist and eye dr visit. Then he will have to call and get that straightened out.   Dh is just going to call both the dentist and the eye dr and give them the info and ignore the crap out of Beaver.   That should piss her off.  

I already checked and yep we can drop the GWR during open enrollment. 

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There you go, that's a good solution. Then put the insurance card in the mail with GWR's name on it.   So he's not obligated to provide insurance for GWR? Is he obligated to still help pay medical bills?

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in March...but all custody agreements went out the window when he turned 18.  Beaver is notorious for not using insurance and then trying to stick DH with 70% of the bill..she is only responsible for 30%.  Plus it chaps DH's arse that Beaver has never in 18 years covered the kids with insurance or anything.  She just expects DH to pony up for all things kids related.  

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My H plans to never communicate with BioWhore ever again when Stepsh1t is 18. No need.